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Justin Kan Net Worth: Investments & Lifestyle

Justin Kan is an American web entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and web developer who has a net worth of $115 million as of May, 2024.

The venture capitalist first came to the limelight after continuously live-streaming his life via Justin.tv.

He is well known for co-founding tech platforms like Justin.tv, Twich, Socialcam, and Atrium.

As a matter of fact, Justin Kan popularized the term ‘lifecasting’ when he first gained the spotlight for live-streaming his daily life on camera.

Kan has earned the title of serial entrepreneur, given that he continuously develops ventures one after another.

Justin Kan

Mr. Kan worked at Atrium as the CEO before the company was shut down in 2020.

The Atrium was a law-tech company co-founded by Justin Kan alongside Augie Rakow, Bebe Chueh, and Chris Smoak.

The main idea in founding Atrium was to establish a law firm where they could offer legal services as well as fundraising advice to the startups.

The Atrium was powered by machine learning.

Justin Kan contributed in the funding of $10.5 million for the startup of the legal tech company, Atrium.

Kan is associated with other tech platforms like The Drop, Kiko software, Whale, Zero-F, TechCrunch, Y Combinator, and Exec.

Quick Facts

Full Name Justin Kan
Net Worth $115 MILLION
Birth Date July 16, 1983
Age 40  years old
Known as Justin
Birth Place Seattle, Washington
Religion Buddhism
Nationality American
Ethnicity Asian
Education Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Physics
Alma mater Yale University
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Kingsley Kan
Mothers Name Treesia Kan
Siblings Daniel Kan and Damien Kan
Height 5’10”
Weight 70 kg
Sexual Orientation Straight
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Tattoo None
Hobbies Recreational activities
Profession Internet entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist
Marital Status Married
Partner Christine Oh Kan
Children One (Son)
Active Since 2005
Associations Justin.tv




Social Media Presence Facebook





Website justinkan.com
Last Update May, 2024

Justin Kan: Income and Net Worth

Justin Kan is a serial entrepreneur with a net worth of a whopping $115 million.

Founding tech companies and making investments are the major income sources for Kan.

In 2003, Justin Kan and Emmet Shear founded an online calendar web application called Kiko which was sold on eBay for $258,000 in 2006.

Justin Kan, along with other entrepreneurs, has founded the live broadcasting platform Justin.tv.

The video platform couldn’t perform well with multiple categories, all at once, because of which it ended haphazardly.

Then, Justin founded a similar tech platform dedicated exclusively to game streaming, Twitch.

In just two years, Twitch peaked its success, and on August 25, 2014, the company was acquired by Amazon for $970 million.

Justin Kan also co-founded a social video recording, editing, and sharing mobile application in 2011 called Socialcam, which was purchased by Autodesk on December 4, 2018, for $60 million.

Exec was a company stationed in San Francisco that provided firms and individuals access to on-demand personal assistants (for delivery, furniture assembly, research, etc.) and cleaning services. 

Handy acquired the company on January 14, 2014, for less than $10 million.

Atrium, a law-tech firm where Justin Kan held the position of CEO, had revenue of $48 million.

The startup firm even raised a funding of $75 Million.

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Justin Kan: Property and Vehicles


Justin Kan surely has maintained his life private. He has kept his personal life apart from his professional life.

With that Being said, there is not much information available on his personal life.

In 2015, Kan bought a house in the Duboce Triangle neighborhood in San Francisco.

It is the area where the base price for the house can easily rack up to $1 million.

Unfortunately, the property was vandalized by a man leaving behind racist remarks.

This incident made a huge impact on Justin Kan since he had never experienced racism despite being an immigrant from China.

After this event, Justin has kept his residence private.


Fro his social media, it seems like Justin Kan is more inclined towards motorcycles.

Justin Kan bought a stunt bike with his brother in 2017. It was a Kawasaki Ninja 300 cage.

In 2016, while on vacation in Spain, Justin had Triumph Bonneville custom-made for him to ride around Spain.

He has owned multiple motorcycles from his startup days. He has even owned an electric motorcycle.


Justin Kan with his Kawasaki Ninja 300 Cage in 2017

Justin Kan: Lifestyle and Vacations


Justin Kan is an active outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys outdoor recreational activities.

He can be constantly seen keeping up with his hobbies and interests, including hiking, golf, spending time at the family farm, meditation, exploration, etc.

Other activities Justin has given a shot in are; skiing, spearfishing, horse riding, and axe throwing.

Justin Kan is also an art enthusiast. He frequently visits different museums and art galleries.

He even requests recommendations of art galleries to his followers on his social media handle.

Justin Kan after his spearfishing session
Justin Kan after his spearfishing session


Justin Kan takes breaks frequently from his work for vacations.

Justin Kan normally goes on vacations with his wife and friends. Some of their vacation destinations are UAE, Spain, China, Japan, Indonesia, etc.

He was seen attending the F1 race at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix during his vacation.

Justin Kan makes sure to make full use of his vacation and try out all kinds of activities his travel destination has to offer.

Justin Kan: Media and Investments


Justin Kan appeared on the live broadcast on Justin.tv when he first founded the video streaming platform. He recorded his daily life for 24 hours.

The platform quickly gained attention and was a huge success.

Justin Kan has been operating a podcast as well. He is the host of the podcast called The Quest. The podcast is about connecting with different iconic figures and discovering their stories.

Justin Kan was featured on the cover page of the magazine The Red Bulletin in 2016.


Justin Kan has made multiple investments as a venture capitalist considering promising returns.

He is at the seed investor stage. The investment range for Justin Kan is from $ 500K to $ 3.0 Million.

Justin Kan has made a total of 55 investments, as per the information available on his record.

Among a total of 55 investments, 53 of them are personal investments, and 2 of them are partner investments.

Some of his personal investments are enlisted below:

Organization name Investment
Digits $10.5 M
Outer $10.5 M
Opensea $23 M
Popl $2.2 M
Startstock $8 M
Abacum $7 M
POC Pharma $4.5 M

Similarly, Justin Kan has made a total of 5 exits.

Exit is when an investor withdraws his investments from a company. The 5 exits made by Justin Kan are; Yhat, Parse, Cruise, Paystack, and Socialcam.

Justin Kan: Career

Justin Kan started off at Silicon Valley in 2005. He was a member of the first batch of Y Combinator-funded startups.

He became the partner of Y Combinator later in March 2014.

Justin Kan’s career as an entrepreneur skyrocketed after the success of the game streaming platform Twitch.

Before he got engaged with entrepreneurship, he worked at companies like Russel Investment Group and Y Combinator.

After Twitch, he co-founded many other tech platforms.

He is also known as a serial entrepreneur as he develops tech platforms and sells them. Some of his co-founded tech platforms to name are; TechCrunch, The Drop, Socialcam and Exec.

Justin Kan in 2012

Justin Kan publicly launched Atrium in 2017.

Kan raised $10.5 million in an initial “party” round and an amount of $65 million in the funding round in September 2018.

Unfortunately, Atrium went under and was shut down in March 2020, resulting in a loss of $75 million in just 36 months.

Currently, Justin Kan works as a venture capitalist at his own venture capital firm, Goat Capital. He invests money on startups and gives them advice as well.

Justin Kan is on the list of the board at Built Robotics and ZeroCater. He is also an advisor at ResumeGem and Citcon.

3 Facts About Justin Kan

  • Justin Kan holds a double degree in Bachelors of Arts from Yale University. He attended Yale University from 2001 to 2005. He completed his studies, majoring in Philosophy and Physics.
  • Twitch was almost acquired by Google for 1 billion dollars. Before Amazon took over Twitch, Google had made an offer of $1 billion. But due to some legal issues, the founders of Twitch, alongside Justin Kan himself, decided to call off the deal despite fulfilling all the required paperwork.
  • Although Justin Kan does admit that Twitch is worth a fortune today, he declared that he does not regret a bit selling Twitch to Amazon.


Is Justin Kan married?

Yes, Justin Kan is happily married to Christine Oh. They tied knots on 1/10/2016.

Why did Justin Kan shut the Atrium down?

According to Justin Kan himself, there was not just a single issue in shutting down of Atrium.

Although he founded the platform to ease legal issues surrounding startups, other co-founders were not clear about the company’s motive.

Also, he mentioned that they hired many employees too quickly that disunited with sentiments revolving around the company.

In his tweet, he wrote that they were not clear on whether Atrium served lawyers or clients.

In addition, he expressed that he had no passion or real interest in legal tech at all.

How much did Justin Kan make from Twitch?

The revenue made by Twitch before its sale has not been revealed. However, Twitch was purchased by Amazon in 2014 August for a total of $970 million.



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