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Kenan Thompson Net Worth: Charity & Cars

SNL starer, American actor, voice actor, and comedian, Kenan Thompson has racked up a total net worth of $13 Million.

Kenan Thompson is a well-known name to the general public of the USA.

The fabulous actor and comedian have been a household ever since he was a high scholar.

Thompson has gained popularity internationally as well.

The comedian has spent almost half of his entire life making people laugh as well as entertaining people through his acting.

The star started to carve his path to success at the very young age of 15.

His sense of humor and comedy timing was such elite that he got a comedy show of his own alongside his companion, actor, comedian, Kel Mitchell.

Kenan Thompson
Kenan Thompson (Source: wikipedia.org)

Kenan Thompson first gained popularity after landing a role in Nickelodeon’s comedy skit show, All That. 

He impressed the director, Brian Robbins, by impersonating the famous comedian Bill Cosby.

Robbins commented on his excellent mimicry and comic timing.

Later, Thompson became the first regular cast member of the late-night comedy show, Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Kenan Thompson is also the cast member who is younger than the show itself.

The actor has starred in many movies, D2: The Mighty Ducks being his first movie.

Thompson was about just 16 years old when he appeared in the movie.

The actor and comedian have brought life to different animated characters like Ringmaster (Space Chimps), Greedy Smurf (The Smurfs),  etc., via his brilliant voice acting.

Quick Facts

Given below is some of the information relating to comedian Kenan Thompson.

Full Name Kenan Thompson
Net Worth $ 13 MILLION
Birth Date May 10, 1978
Age 46  years old
Known as Kenan Thompson
Birth Place Atlanta, Georgia
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Early Education Tri-Cities High School
Higher Education Santa Monica College, California
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Father’s Name Fletcher Thompson
Mother’s Name Elizabeth Ann Thompson
Siblings Kerwin Thompson (Brother)

Felicia Thompson (Sister)

Height 5’8”
Weight 90 Kg
Sexual Orientation Straight
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Tattoo None
Hobbies Driving, riding bikes, dancing
Profession Comedian, actor, voice actor
Marital Status Married
Partner Christina Evangeline
Children Georgia Marie Thompson, Gianna Michelle Thompson
Active Since 1994 – Present
Associations Bring the Funny, The Kenan Show
Big Screen D2: The Mighty Ducks, D3: The Mighty Ducks, Good Burger, Big Fat Liar

Barbershop 2: Back in BusinessFat Albert

Small Screen All That (1995 – 1999), Kenan and Kel (1996 – 1999), Saturday Night Live (2003- Present)
Awards Cable ACE Award, Kid’s Choice Awards, Primetime Emmy Award, Black Reel Award
Social Media Handle InstagramTwitter, Facebook
Website www.kenanthompson.net
Last Update May, 2024

Kenan Thompson: Net Worth and Income

Net Worth

Kenan Thompson’s net worth as that of May, 2024is $13 million.

The American comedian has accumulated the amount from his comedy and acting career.

Currently, Thompson is the richest person among the cast of the SNL.

He is the only cast member who lasted the longest in the show.


The major portion of Kenan’s income is contributed via earnings from the show Saturday Night Live.

Since he lasted longer than 3 years in the show, he became one of the highest-paid cast members of SNL.

Being a veteran cast member, his paycheck is higher in comparison to the other cast members.

From the show Saturday Night Live, Kenan Thompson is likely to make an estimated amount of more than $25,000 per episode.

To put it in another way, Kenan Thompson’s salary from Saturday Night Live is most likely to be $2 million to $3 million per year.

The talented actor has established a good name for himself in the television world.

Thus, the paycheck of Kenan Thompson for television in the year 2021 can easily reach up to $250,000 per episode.

Net Worth of Kenan Thompson in Different Currencies

Let’s have a look into Kenan Thompson’s net worth in different currencies. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 10,925,915
Pound Sterling £ 9,399,585
Australian Dollar A$ 17,292,288
Canadian Dollar C$ 16,085,485
Indian Rupee ₹ 965,686,800
BitCoin ฿ 365.40

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Kenan Thompson: House & Watches


Kenan Thompson’s house is located in Tampa, Florida.

Although the information on his house is not made public, an aerial view of the house via Google Maps shows that the house is fairly big.

Kenan Thompson house
An aerial image of Kenan Thompson’s house in Tampa, Florida (Source: via virtualglobetrotting.com)

The imagery shows that the house consists of a pool in its back.

There is a garden surrounding the pool that extends to the further posterior portion of the property.


Kenan Thompson seems to be a watch enthusiast.

He has been spotted wearing different luxury watches on different occasions.

He makes sure to accessorize watches accordingly while following formal dress codes.

Here are some of the watches worn by Kenan Thompson.

Cartier Santos

Thompson owns one of the most lavish watch brands, i.e., Cartier. The actor owns two watches of the same design from Cartier.

Kenan Thompson watch
Cartier Santos 18 ct yellow gold 40 mm watch (Source: Cartier.com)

One of the watches is an 18-carat yellow gold 40 mm watch.

The starting price of the watch is $30,500, which can reach up to $45,000.

The other watch is a silver 40 mm watch of the same design. Its price starts from $6,500.

Kenan was spotted wearing the gold Cartier at the red carpets of  Emmy Awards 2018.

Daniel Wellington

Thompson owns a Daniel Wellington of a rather simple design.

He is spotted wearing the watch in interviews and shows.

The price of the watch starts from $199.


In an interview, Kenan Thompson wore a watch from Gucci. The watch totally complimented his style and gave him a chic look.

Kenan Thompson Watch
Kenan Thompson posing for an interview wearing Gucci Watch (Source: straitstimes.com)

The model of the Gucci watch seen in the picture is a YA, 136210 Dive Date.

The band of the watch comprises of nato strap. The starting price of the watch is approximately $1500.


The actor owns a Swiss Rolex Cellini Date.

The watch is made of 18-carat gold, and the starting price is an astonishing $15,000.

Apple Watch

Apple watch is the casual watch choice of Thompson. He has been seen wearing different watch models of the brand over the years.

Thompson Apple Watch
Thompson wearing Apple watch series 6 for the casual occasion (Source: npr.org)

In the picture, Kenan is seen wearing an Apple Watch from Series 6.

The watch is made of a Graphite Stainless steel Case with Milanese Loop. The price of the watch starts from $749.

Kenan Thompson: Lifestyle

Despite being a successful household name, Kenan Thompson has chosen a much simple living. He is a man of values and not materials.

The foremost priority of his life is his family’s happiness and entertaining his audience.

His lifestyle has enabled him to maintain a balance between his personal life and career.

Also, he has adopted a healthy way of living to keep him healthy.

Thompson follows a healthy diet and does exercise regularly.

He spends a lot of time with his daughters. The actor also goes on dates frequently with his better half.

His lifestyle is indeed an ideal one.

Kenan Thompson: Charity

Being raised in a poor family, Thompson can relate to the emotions of those who lack.

Therefore, he has been involved in different charity programs. He also takes part in different charitable campaigns.

In 2017, Thompson helped to launch a tour called No Hungry Kid.

The tour aimed to raise donations in order to feed starving children around America.

In 2019, Kenan Thompson proceeded to take part in the 11th annual Cristian Rivera Foundation Gala.

The Gala raised over $500,000 for the treatment of rare pediatric brain cancers.

Thompson Charity
Kenan Thompson with his daughter at 11th Christian Rivera Foundation Gala (Source: pagesix.com)

In 2020, Thompson joined in a virtual telethon conducted by Alaqua Animal Refugee in Walton Country.

The purpose was to bring in donations to rescue abused and neglected animals.

In order to fight the global pandemic, Kenan Thompson joined Charitybuzz and End COVID19 to raise funds for charities.

Kenan Thompson Movies, Media, Endorsements


The talented actor and comedian have landed roles in more than 30 movies.

The producers and directors favor him for being a competitive actor and also the fact that he effortlessly justifies the assigned roles.

Some of the highest-grossing movies of his career are:

Movies Worldwide Box Office
Trolls: World Tour $48,879,316
PLAYMOBIL $16,288,031
Wonder Park $115,112,118
Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch $514,602,427
Going in Style $80,812,424
Rock Dog $24,148,488
Brothers Nature $348,547,523
The Smurfs 2 $125,417
The Magic of Belle Isle $563,749,323
The Smurfs $62,020,814


Kenan Thompson hosts a podcast called You Already Know with his friend Tani Marole.

It is an entertaining weekly pop culture podcast. In the podcast, they talk about movies, music, TV, sports, politics, and other variety of subjects matters.


In the year 2017, Kenan Thompson launched his own line of clothing. The clothing line was named Smile Parade. 

It produced hoodies, t-shirts, hats with printed cartoonist animals.

Kenan mentioned that he started this label “to showcase great artwork by young talents.”

The brand was made fun of for having a cartoonish logo. It was also speculated that it was a vintage childrens’ clothing line.

Kenan Thompson wearing a hoodie from his clothing line ‘Smile Parade’ (Source: wwd.com)

The clothing line contributes to charity as well.

Smile Parade benefits My Stuff Bags Foundation, which provides children entering foster care with bags full of necessities and toys, clothes, books, etc.

Kenan Thompson: Career

Kenan Thompson got his first exposure to acting when he was 5 years old.

He won the role of Gingerbread Man in a school play. Kenan also used to make an impression of Bill Cosby in school.

Thompson became focused on acting and comedy he was still in school.

He landed his first movie when he was just 16 years old.

Kenan got the taste of major stardom when he got selected in Saturday Night Live. The comedian and actor have starred in more than 30 movies, and more than 35 television works in his career.

Being an excellent and talented artist, Thompson has no problem landing roles. So far, his career has been a huge success.

3 Facts About Kenan Thompson

  • In 2016, when the entire SNL cast was being hosted by Donald Trump, he had dressed up as an injured person with a broken arm. As a matter of fact, his arm was actually broken, and he played through the role without being noticed.
  • While on his journey being associated with Saturday Night Live, Kenan Thompson has played the role of record, making 28 different characters in the show.
  • Kenan Thompson admitted that being a father was the best thing that ever happened to him. He said that he is obsessed with his children’s smiles and considers it pure joy. He also revealed that he loved changing the diapers of his babies.


When will Kenan Thompson leave Saturday Night Live?

It has been reported that Kenan Thompson would leave SNL after this season.

Although he was going to leave SNL last season, he stayed in the show at the request of producer Lorne Michaels.

How did Kenan Thompson lose weight?

Kenan Thompson addressed this curiosity of his fans, mentioning lifestyle change.

He said that he cut off sugar, controlled his diet, did full-body workouts and yoga while keeping his streak.

Are Kenan and Kel still friends?

Although there were rumors of the two artists throwing shade at each other, Kel Mitchell confirmed that they are still very good friends.

The pair has a friendship history of 25 years.



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