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Where Is Elisabeth Fritzl Eldest Daughter Kerstin Now? Wikipedia And Age

The story of Elisabeth Fritzl is one of sorrow and disbelief. However, the strong woman and her kids are now rebuilding their lives. Let’s explore where Elisabeth Fritzl and Kerstin Fritzl, her eldest, are now.

Elisabeth Fritzl is a kidnap survivor who was being held by her father, Joseph Fritzl, for 24 long years.

She was born in the year 1966 in April in Austria and was the only daughter of her parents.

Joseph Fritzl repeatedly sexually assaulted and raped his daughter Elisabeth.

This resulted in her giving birth to seven children who were also kidnapped in the same basement that she was in.

Later, three of her children were taken upstairs by Joseph, and they got to live a normal life.

The turning point for Eisabeth and her kids came in the year 2008 when one of her kids, Kerstin Fretzl, fell sick.

With the Netflix documentary release, netizens are now wondering where are Kerstin Fritzl now.

Kerstin Fritzl Now: From Darkness to Healing And A Sad Tragedy 

She begged her father, Joseph, to take Kerstin to the hospital, and somehow Joseph agreed.

This led her to finally make contact with the outside world, and the world finally found out about her kidnapping by her father.

Joseph Fritzl
Joseph Fritzl will never again see a day in his life outside prison. (Source: Twitter)

Finally, after 24 long years of living in her home basement, Elisabeth and her kids, along with Kerstin, got released.

After the release, Elisabeth and her kid’s life became a journey of healing and rebuilding.

They made a decision to live in a different undisclosed place in Austria, only known as ‘Village X.’

Four of the seven kids who were not taken upstairs by Joseph were seeing sunlight for the first time or even breathing the fresh air.

The government chose to give Elisabeth and her kids a new identity so that they could completely start fresh.

In 2012, Kerstin Fritzel fell sick again, but this time there were multiple organ failures.

The chances of her survival were very low, and she was fighting for her life.

Joseph had already made the confessions of incest, rape, and kidnapping her daughter and three of her kids.

Elisabeth’s story teaches us that no matter how difficult life may seem, having hope is necessary. (Source: Twitter)

However, if Kerstin were to lose her life in the hospital, Joseph would have faced another charge of murder.

Sadly, Kerstin did lose her life, and Joseph Fritzl was now serving for the murder of Kersten as well.

Kerstin was the eldest of seven of Elisabeth Fritzl’s kids, and she was only 19 when she lost her life.

But their suffering was far from over, and it is a very obvious thing for people who have faced such scrutiny to have psychological scars.

Where Is Elisabeth Fritzl Now: Finding Love, Rebuilding Lives, & Facing the Past

In 2019, news broke on the internet that Elisabeth, after many years of her freedom, finally found the love of her life.

She fell for her bodyguard, Thomas Wagner, who the government assigned to protect Elisabeth and her children.

Thomas became a very important part of their lives, and he was like a guardian to six of her surviving kids.

While Elisabeth Fritzl and her children are now discovering their new strength and happiness, Joseph is facing the consequences.

Kerstin Fritzl Now
Elisabeth, even during those days in the basement, always was adamant about protecting her kids. (Source: Twitter)

It was also in the news that Joseph allegedly was heavily discussing wanting to end his own life.

As of August 19, 2022, there have been confirmations that Elisabeth and her kids are still living in ‘Village X.’

They live in a very heavily protected environment with police protection and CCTV surveillance.

Elisabeth Fritzl is 57 years old now, and she does not like giving interviews.

She does not have any recent pictures. The last picture of her was off when she was just sixteen.

Elisabeth and her mother, Rosemarie Fritzl, took a long time to mend.

It was because Rosemarie was initially in shock and did not immediately believe what her husband did to her daughter.

But eventually, the mother and daughter reconciled, and their relationship now is improving.

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