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Is Mark McCarthy Kevin McCarthy Brother? Family Trend On Twitter

Kevin McCarthy is trending among people as he has been removed from the U.S. House speaker. Now, people are curious to know if Kevin McCarthy has any brother of his own.

Kevin McCarthy, whose full name is Kevin Owen McCarthy, was born on January 26, 1965, in the United States of America.

He is an American politician who served as the 55th speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

Furthermore, he attended California State University, Bakersfield, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a Master of Business Administration.

Additionally, McCarthy currently represents California’s 20th congressional district, which covers most of the San Joaquin Valley.

With the trending news that Kevin McCarthy is no longer the U.S. House speaker, people are curious about his brother.

Is Mark McCarthy Kevin McCarthy’s Brother?

No, Mark McCarthy is not related to Kevin McCarthy. Although both share surnames, the two are not related by blood.

Mark McCarthy is the chairman and head of the Oxford Centre for Diabetes Endocrinology and Metabolism.

He is a well-known professor of diabetic medicine at the University of Oxford.

Additionally, several questions are raised online about whether Kevin and Mark McCarthy come from the same family.

Kevin is standing with podium in front of him. He is wearing a blue colored outfit.
Kevin McCarthy is the former United States House of Representatives speaker. (Source: Instagram)

People in the public eye often have to face baseless assumptions, like Kevin McCarthy is facing in this matter.

And the fact that he has never addressed this rumor makes people wonder if it’s true.

Additionally, Kevin McCarthy is the youngest son among his three siblings.

However, no sites on the internet have mentioned the names of his siblings, which makes people wonder if Mark McCarthy is Kevin McCarthy’s brother.

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Kevin McCarthy Family Details: Twitter Trending

After the recent removal of Kevin McCarthy from the position of U.S. House Speaker, people on the internet, especially on Twitter, want to know about his family.

Twitter is loaded with questions regarding the personal life details of Kevin McCarthy.

Moreover, there’s no hiding that he was born into one of the most economically well-off families in California.

He was born to his parents, Roberta McCarthy and Owen McCarthy. His mother was a homemaker, and his father was an assistant fire chief.

They were members of the Democratic Party. However, Kevin is the first Republican in his immediate family.

McCarthy is delivering speech with a wide smile on his face. He is wearing a blue colored outfit.
Speeches delivered by American Politician Kevin McCarthy always inspire his followers. (Source: Instagram )

Also, it seems his family wants to maintain privacy by keeping their personal lives private, so accessing his family members’ names is impossible.

Furthermore, Kevin lives happily married to his wife, Judy McCarthy.

His wife has stayed by his side since the beginning of his career, being his biggest supporter over the years.

Additionally, the couple has remained married for over 30 years and shares two beautiful kids.

Family picture of Kevin McCarthy in which they all are standing with smiles in their face.
Kevin Mccarthy with his wife and kids (Source: Twitter )

Additionally, he has spoken about his family in public, including on his social media handles, often mentioning his love for his wife and children.

However, Kevin is very private about his personal life. He has never spoken publicly about his parents or any other family members.

Therefore, people shouldn’t make assumptions about his personal life based on his trending professional life.

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