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Ksenia Karelina Wikipedia: American Russian Ballerina Detained

Since Ksenia Karelina is at the center of controversies amidst her detention by Russia’s FSB, the search for her Wikipedia has increased lately.

Ksenia Karelina is a US-Russian citizen who works as a spa aesthetician and is also an amateur ballerina. Authorities currently hold her in detention.

Russian authorities arrested her on charges of treason, alleging that she donated $51.80 to a Ukrainian charity.

Her arrest took place in the Urals city of Yekaterinburg, Russia.

With that, several Russian news outlets have released a video showing Ksenia, a regular citizen, entering a courtroom in handcuffs with her face blurred.

Likewise, Ksenia’s case has sparked international attention and concern.

Along with that, people have raised questions about her personal and professional life consequently there has been a significant increase in searches for the Wikipedia page of Ksenia Karelina.

Ksenia Karelina Wikipedia: Age And Family Detail

Since Ksenia Karelina is currently under the media radar for her detention, Wikipedia hasn’t dedicated a page to her name.

However, people search for the Wikipedia so that, they can discover further details about Ksenia Karelina but it doesn’t exist.

Ksenia Karelina was born in 1990 in Yekaterinburg, Russia ,making her 33 years old in 2024.

Ksenia looking back and smiling
Ksenia was arrested while visiting her family in Yekaterinburg. (Source: CNN)

Likewise, she grew up alongside her younger sister who often appeared on her Instagram posts. They shares a very close bond.

Additionally, she maintained close ties with her family in Russia and visited them regularly, even after marrying Evgeny Khavana and moving to the US in 2013.

However, she divorced Evgeny after 4 years of relationship in 2017 but remain a friend to date.

Currently, Ksenia Karelina is in relation with the professional boxer Chris Van Heerden. They have been dating for over three years now and are still going strong.

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Ksenia Karelina Education And Career Detail

A dual Russian- American citizen, Ksenia Karelina spent most of her childhood in her home country Russia.

There she attended Ural Federal University and graduated with economics degree.

Later, Ksenia Karelina obtained a degree in business administration from the University of Maryland.

Likewise, she received her ballet training at the S.P. Diaghilev School in Yekaterinburg.

And she professionally began her ballet dancing career in Baltimore, Maryland in 2014.She showcased her talents in various stage performances.

Ksenia Karelina doing ballet step and smiling
Ksenia wants to expand her beauty business. (Source: CBS)

Furthermore, Ksenia details her professional life on her LinkedIn profile, where she worked as a manager at Ciel Spa Beverly Hills since 2019.

Additionally, she is also a spa aesthetician at the SLS hotel as she is passionate about beauty and wellness.

Moreover, she reportedly owns a beauty studio in Los Angeles, where she offers lash extensions and microblading.

Web sources estimate Ksenia’s net worth to be $150,000, earned through her career as a ballerina dancer and spa aesthetician, along with other business ventures.

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Ksenia Karelina Controversy: Detained In Russia

In January 2024, Ksenia Karelina’s life took a dramatic turn when Russian authorities arrested her on charges of treason while she was visiting her family.

At first, she was arrested for minor offences but later she was charged with high treason.

As per reports, Ksenia allegedly transferred $51.80 from her American bank account to the Ukrainian charity Razom.

Moreover, the FSB also accused her of participating in public actions in support of the Kyiv regime while in the United States.

Ksenia face covered with white cap
Ksenia requires financial support to cover her legal fees. (Source: The New York Post)

With this, Ksenia Karelina faces the possibility of a 20-year prison sentence, and her family desperately wants to prevent this.

However, seeking help from the U.S. government has been challenging.

On February 20, the State Department acknowledged Karelina’s detention but noted that Russian authorities refused consular access.

The situation is complicated because Russia does not officially recognize Ksenia’s dual citizenship.

Meanwhile, Ksenia’s boyfriend, Chris Van Heerden, is working hard to bring her back home.

But, Lawyers in Russia seem reluctant to take on Ksenia’s case, and those who agree ask for high fees.

To address this problem, Chris has set up a Venmo account, asking the public for donations to gather funds for Karelina’s legal defense.

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