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Lashawn Thompson Wife: Was He Married? Family Tree

After Lashawn Thompson, an inmate in the US state of Georgia, was found dead covered in insects, his family members have been demanding justice. Here are details on his personal life, including Lashawn Thompson wife.

Lashawn Thompson passed away after spending three months in a filthy cell in the Atlanta jail where insects tortured and ate him. He had been accused of a misdemeanor but had never been found guilty.

A criminal probe into the death of Georgia inmate LaShawn Thompson, who passed away in his cell last October, is being demanded by his family.

His family claims that he was “eaten alive” in his filthy cell, where he was allegedly infected with bugs. On September 13, the Fulton County Jail’s psychiatric wing staff discovered Thompson, 35, unconscious.

On June 12, 2022, Mr. Lashawn Thompson, who had schizophrenia, was taken into custody and lodged in the mental ward of the Fulton County Jail on a charge of simple misdemeanor violence.

Ben Crump, a civil rights and personal injury attorney who is assisting the family, announced Thursday at a press conference held outside the jail that they would ask for an independent autopsy.

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Lashawn Thompson Wife: Was He Married?

Following these allegations, people have shown keen interest in Thompson’s personal life and want to know more about his wife and family members.

Lashawn Thompson was a private man who believed in keeping his romantic relationships and personal life low-key. He was 35 years old at the time of his death, and he was serving his jail time until his demise on 13th September 2022. 

It is unknown if Lashawn was ever married or not, and hence the details regarding Lashawn Thompson’s wife remain a secret.

Lashawn Thompson Wife
Information regarding Lashawn Thompson’s marital status has not been revealed in the media. (Source: People)

Additionally, no reliable site has covered the details regarding Lawshawn’s wife or girlfriend. As a result, it is hard for us to trace the details regarding his love life.

However, after his death, his family came out and decided to fight the injustice as he was allegedly killed by the hospital’s carelessness and unsanitary conditions.

A Look At Lashawn Thompson Family Tree

Lashawn Thompson came from a loving and supportive family background. After his tragic death, his entire family is now fighting for justice and requesting an investigation into his death alongside the replacement of the jail. 

Based on a Harper Law Firm declaration obtained by PEOPLE, a family member’s attorney for LaShawn Johnson claims the 35-year-old prisoner was found not responding in his “filthy” cell on September 19, 2022, after being “eaten alive by insects” and stated the Fulton County Jail’s poor hygiene as the reason for his death.

Although his parents’ names have not been disclosed yet, his brother, Brad McCrae’s identity has been revealed. He reached out to the reporters and said that his sibling didn’t deserve all of that.

Lashawn Thompson Wife
Lashawn Thompson’s family lawyer has released pictures of the jail conditions at the time of his death. (Source: BBC News)

Lashawn’s brother, Brad even stated that his sibling loved cooking and listening to music. The two siblings clearly shared a tight-knit bond.

Additionally, when asked by a media reporter what he felt when he saw pictures of his brother’s dead body and the situation of his cell, Brad McCrae stated, “It was heartwrenching because no one should be seen like that.

Nobody should witness that. But the first thing that hit my mind was Emmett Till.”

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