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Laura Steinel Wiki, Net Worth: Meet Writer And Director Of Family

With the popularity of the 2018 film Family, Laura Steinel garnered wide media attention for her narrative; as a result, people’s interest in her personal life increased, and the surge for her Wiki also intensified. 

Laura Steinel is a writer, actress, and director famous for Family (2018), Babylon (2022), and Draft Day (2014).

She began her career as an actor in the TV series Super Love Hero in 2012 but later shifted to writing and direction.

She rose to fame for her storyline in the 2018 movie Family, starring Taylor Schilling, Heather McMahan, Jessie Ennis, and others. 

There, she explores the topics of modern family interactions in today’s world.

Also, the Family enlightened on the perspectives on LGBTQ connectedness.

With this, as the popularity of Laura Steinel began to rise, it created a trend in fans’ desire to know her back story, which prompted a search for Wiki.

Laura Steinel Wiki: Meet Writer And Director Of Family

Although she is a famous personality, Laura Steinel has yet to have a dedicated Wiki page.

So, the article you are reading will provide the information you need about Laura Steinel that is relevant to her Wiki.

Steinel made her directorial debut with the indie dramedy FAMILY, although she had already previously been acting and writing on television.

She was a guest on New Girl, Go On, and Teachers while working as a writer for How to be a Gentleman.

Steinel considered storytelling and filmmaking by exploring her talent in workshops and laboratories centered on fostering new talent.

Laura Steinel Wiki
“FAMILY” became a stage for Laura Steinel’s emergence as a rising talent. (Source: Instagram)

That resulted in developing her script for the fiction movie FAMILY, which she spent years perfecting and polishing.

But during that time, Steinel faced extremely tight budgets and production problems, especially when directing FAMILY.

Nevertheless, she came across an unlikely supporter of Juggalo, a music culture fan.

Their energy at test screenings gives them infections and reinforces the movie’s message of empathy.

Although the filmmaker had to drop off some episodes, she kept the FAMILY film tightly with her emotional & funny approach to relationships.

As a result, the movie was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award, which was Steinel’s screenplay.

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Net Worth And Financial Details Of Laura Steinel

The entertainment business surroundings are where Laura Steinel makes a living. Reports suggest she has a net worth of around $600,000 in 2024.

One of her most lucrative potential sources of income comes from her groundbreaking film directing and scriptwriting debut, FAMILY.

Steinel has spent years in the development of the script, as well as raising funds for the movie premiere at SXSW in 2018.

Laura Steinel taking selfie
Laura Steinel has 3,434 followers on her Instagram account. (Source: Instagram)

Notably, two recognizable names of the actresses, Taylor Schilling and Kate McKinnon, were involved. This led the movie to rise even more in popularity.

To top it all off, her screenplay was nominated for the 2017 Independent Spirit Award.

Before FAMILY, Steinel earned many TV writing credits. She wrote the storyline of shows like How to Be a Gentleman and acted in New Girl.

She is also still acting occasionally, her latest role being a short movie, Bryn Vale.

Her portfolio covers screenwriting, directing, and acting, which reflects her multi-faceted entertainment career and is a steady source of income.

Despite the FAMILY pocket-size budget, its critical hit indicates promising projects in the future.

As she keeps true-to-life screen stories on screen, we are sure her net worth will increase by leaps and bounds.

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