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Is Luther Ford Gay? The Crown Teen Prince Actor Gender, Sexuality

The cost of fame for The Crown actor Luther Ford has come with the rumor of him possibly being gay on the internet. But are the rumors true? Let us explore.

Luther Ford is a talented British actor who played Harry in The Crown Season 6.

Luther started his acting career, and his famous TV shows are While the Going is Good and Woods.

He also received the July Award for Best Student Short Film in 2020; for Woods, he served as producer and writer.

Furthermore, fans show him admiration and love thanks to his well-earned fame.

But what has stirred a conversation among the masses is the rumor of Luther Ford being gay.

Is Luther Ford Gay? Sexuality Of The Crown Teen Prince

The sexuality of public figures has always intrigued the audience as it discloses the space for discussions.

And since Luther Ford is a relatively new face in Hollywood, he has become the target of gay rumors.

However, it is important to note that there are no credible sources to verify the gay rumors of Luther Ford.

These days, media and fans equally spread such rumors across the internet without any valid proof.

Luther Ford in an interview and photoshop session.
Luther is a British Actor and lives with his family in London, UK. (Source: Instagram)

One of the primary reasons behind the anticipation can be credited to his social media posts.

Besides, up to now, he has 31 posts that contain only his pictures with various stylish outfits.

This could be one of the reasons why Luther Ford fans seem confused about whether or not he is gay.

Further, the sexual orientation of Luther Ford is not clear, and this has fueled the fire of the gay rumor.

Hence, such rumors and speculations must not be validated until and unless the actor opens up by himself publicly.

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Is Luther Ford in a relationship? The Truth

The Crown Teen Prince Luther was born in March 2022 in London, UK; he is now 23 years old.

Despite his growing fame in the entertainment industry, Luther Ford has managed to keep the details of his romantic life under wraps.

As of the latest information available, Luther Ford is currently single and not dating anyone.

This revelation may come as a surprise to the masses curious about the personal life of the emerging actor.

Luther Ford in British Vogue X Netflix set.
Before debuting in Hollywood, Luther played short movies. (Source: Instagram)

However, Luther has chosen to maintain a level of privacy around his relationships as of now.

Also, some rumors about dating his co-actors are in the air on social media, which Luther himself has not assured yet.

The audiences are shipping, and some are judging him as gay due to his Instagram posts and as a newcomer.

In conclusion, the mystery of Luther Ford’s dating and relationships remains unsolved for the time being.

Luther is fully focused on his career-building aim as he is enthusiastic about taking opportunities in the film industry.

What Does Luther Fords’ Career Look Like Ahead?

Amidst the speculation about Luther Ford’s love life, one consistent theme emerges – his unwavering focus on his acting career.

As of now, Ashby Gentry seems rather focused on The Crown Season 6, as his performance is phenomenal and loved by fans.

The future choices of Luther have not been evident as of yet. However, his IMDb page does have him under the credit.

Further, his dedication to honing his craft and delivering compelling performances takes precedence over divulging details about his relationships.

Luther Ford at the The Crown London Premiere.
Luther Ford enjoys playing football, singing, and playing the piano. (Source: Instagram)

Ford’s commitment to his profession showcases a passion that has endeared him to audiences, making him a rising star in the entertainment industry.

The path he chose at such a young age looks great for Luther in his upcoming journey to acting.

Nonetheless, The fan following that Luther Ford has garnered shows a good future ahead for him.

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