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Who Are Wellington Dias And Luciana Tavaras? Mackenzie Dern Parents

Mackenzie Dern parents are rooting for their daughter and hoping to see her winning in her upcoming fight with Angela Hill on May 21.

American mixed martial artist Mackenzie Dern, whose real name is Mackenzie Lynn Dern Santos, is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner.

The IBJJF once placed the UFC athlete at the top of the world rankings; she is now ranked No. 6 in the female category.

Dern is a world champion in no gl BJJ and the ADCC. The fighter is ranked #8 in the UFC women’s strawweight standings as of May 9, 2023.

The athlete’s professional martial arts career has succeeded partly because of his quick learning and discipline.

Mackenzie won a world championship at every level of the belt system as she worked her way up to black belt status, which her father awarded her in December 2012, three months before she turned 20.

Mackenzie Dern Parents: Wellington Dias And Luciana Tavaras

Mackenzie Dern parents gave birth to another athlete on March 24, 1993, in Phoenix, Arizona.

The UFC fighter’s father is Wellington Dias, renowned for his decorated grappling skills. Likewise, Luciana Tavaras is the stepmother who has also achieved a black belt in her career.

Wellington has won numerous medals at the Pan American Games, the European Championships, the World Championships, the US National Championships, the Rickson Gracie International Championships, the Rio de Janeiro State Championships, and the ADCC.

Since the inaugural World Jiu-Jitsu Championship 1996, Mackenzie’s father is the only Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete to have participated in all 24 events.

Mackenzie Dern parents intense martial arts engagement greatly affected Mackenzie Dern’s upbringing in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mackenzie Dern parents
Mackenzie Dern uploaded a picture with her father, Wellington Dias. (Source: Instagram)

Because of her parents’ direction and encouragement, Dern was raised in a martial arts environment. The martial artist started training when she was three years old, following in her family’s footsteps.

Her ability to develop her abilities and passion for the sport was made possible by the foundation her parents established.

Without a doubt, Mackenzie Dern parents’ constant support and martial arts training helped mold her into the outstanding athlete she is today.

Mackenzie Dern continues to make an impression on the mixed martial arts community with her perseverance, technical skill, and passion for the martial arts.

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Mackenzie Dern Family And Ethnicity

The importance of Mackenzie Dern’s family in her life and how they influenced her identity cannot be overstated.

Korah and Merrick, her two half-siblings, are also a part of her family. Mackenzie has trained in martial arts since an early age and is still perfecting her skills.

Dern spent much of her childhood moving between Arizona and Brazil, her father’s country.

The athlete speaks Portuguese and English well, as both her father and stepmother are Brazilian. Moreover, Dern has declared that Portuguese has become her primary language.

Dern made a crucial choice about her MMA future in February 2019. Due to her pregnancy, she put it on pause for the time being.

Mackenzie Dern
Mackenzie Dern was captured during one of her UFC fights. (Source: CBSSports)

Wesley Santos, a pro surfer, and Dern exchange marital knots. However, in 2022, the pair separated for unknown reasons.

The fighter gave birth to her daughter Moa on June 9, 2019. Dern’s life changed significantly after becoming a mother, yet she still juggles her career goals with her responsibilities as an involved parent.

Her journey has been shaped by her family and ethnic background, which has given Mackenzie Dern a strong sense of identity and a rounded outlook on life and martial arts.

Mackenzie won a world title in each belt she advanced to, including black, before turning 20. The martial artist is the only female Jiu-Jitsu competitor with gold medals at the black belt level.

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