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Who Is Madison Skye Validum? Parents Alícia And Father

Young talent Madison Skye Validum is shining bright in Hollywood; behind her success are her amazing parents. Let’s get to know more about the actress and her family.

Madison Skye Validum is a young actress in Hollywood who is just 10 years old as of 2023.

She was born on July 22, 2013, in Toronto, Canada.

Her journey as an actress began in the year 2022 after her appearance in the TV film “Ivy Plus Bean.”

After her debut, she went on to do two more films, “Best Christmas Ever” and “Dashing Through the Snow,” both in the year 2023.

Her immense talent on screen amazes many of the young actress’s fans.

They are also curious about who the parents of Madison Skye Validum are and how they are helping the young daughter in her acting career.

Madison Skye Validum Parents: Close Family Bond And Heartwarming Instagram Posts

What we know about Madison is that her parents belong to two different ethnic backgrounds.

Madison has multicultural roots; her mother, Alicia, is Jamaican, and her father, Guyanese.

Madison Skye
Madison Skye Validum has great talent, and this is just the beginning of her hopefully long career in Hollywood. (Source: Instagram)

Fans point out that Madison has inherited the most beautiful genes from both of her parents.

Madison is not the only child of her parents; she has two siblings, both older than her.

Her two siblings are her brothers, Cavasio Validum and Chandler J. Validum.

All three siblings appear to be very close to each other.

Madison’s fans can see glimpses of her brothers through her Instagram, where she often posts about how much she loves them.

Madison’s older brother, Cavasio, also works as an actor and is currently 22 years old.

Unlike her mother, Alicia, her father has been able to keep his identity private.

While her other family members, her two brothers and her mother, have appeared on her Instagram, Madison’s father cannot be seen.

Madison Skye Validum parents
Mother Alicia and Madison are often seen having a lot of fun on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Madison’s mother, Alicia, is the one who handles Madison Skye Validum’s behind-the-scenes work.

Not only that, Mother Alicia is also the one managing her Instagram account.

It is because Madison is still just 10 years old and is not allowed to use Instagram yet.

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Madison Skye Validum Shines with Early Talent, Thanks to Support from Mother Alicia

Madison was extremely talented ever since she was a really young kid.

Her mother, Alicia, did not want her daughter’s talent unrecognized.

So, Alicia has supported her daughter’s wishes to be on the TV screen, portraying amazing and cute roles.

The mother and daughter work closely with an artist agency called the A3 Artist Agency.

Madison skye Validum brothers
Madison Skye Validum and her brothers Cavasio and Chandler J. Validum are extremely talented. (Source: Instagram)

Obviously, by working with such big companies like Netflix, Madison now has a huge net worth.

Many reports have suggested that Madison’s mother, Alicia, handles all her daughter’s monetary transactions.

Her father’s details remain a mystery; however, respecting someone’s wishes to live a private life is important.

By the looks of her social media, we can definitely say that the young actress Madison Skye Validum is very close to one of her other parents, Alicia, and her brothers.

Madison Skye Validum has a long way to go in the industry. So, let’s hope her career in Hollywood is a longer one.

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