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Where Is Mandy Stavik Killer Tim Bass? Arrested And Sentence After Kidnapping, Raping And Murdering Amanda

Mandy Stavik Killer Tim Bass faced public outrage. The young girl’s family was shattered after the untimely loss of their loved one. The entire globe was shocked after Stavik, 18, was brutally murdered. 

The disappearance of Mandy Stavik in 1989 shocked the small town of Acme, Washington. Only 22 years old, Mandy went out for a jog one day and never returned home.

Her lifeless body was found in the Nooksack River three days after her disappearance. She was nude with only her running shoes on, leading authorities to believe that she had been sexually assaulted before being thrown into the river to drown.

Investigating officers worked tirelessly to solve the case, and their hard work paid off when they identified the murderer as Timothy Bass.

Timothy was a man with a troubled past and a reputation for being a woman-hater and a racist. Despite the passage of nearly three decades, the Police were able to arrest him and bring him to trial in Whatcom County Superior Court.

In court, Timothy was convicted of the murder, physical violence, and sexual assault of Mandy Stavik.

The verdict provided some solace to Mandy’s family and the community as a whole, but it could not undo the tragedy that had taken place.

Mandy was a young woman with her whole life ahead of her, and her untimely death was a devastating loss for everyone who knew her.

While the conviction of Timothy Bass brought closure to the case, it also served as a reminder of the dangers women face and the importance of justice being done.

The memory of Mandy Stavik will always be with those who knew her, and her legacy will live on through the efforts of those who work to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.

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Mandy Stavik Killer Tim Bass Arrested

Timothy Bass was sentenced for the kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder of Amanda Stavik, also known as Mandy.

Mandy was an 18-year-old college student when she was taken from her hometown of Acme, Washington. Bass was found guilty of the crime and sentenced to charges against him.

Mandy Stavik Killer, Tim Bass
Mandy Stavik Killer, Tim Bass. (Source: That’s Life! Magazine)

Stavik’s family and close ones were utterly shattered by her brutal murder. The young college student had a great relationship with her basketball coach, Jim Freeman.

Mandy wrote an emotional writing in the reading card:

For Mr. Freeman, one of my favorite person who has influenced and inspired me. Thank you, you’re the greatest Sir.

Sincerely class of ’89, number 13, Mandy Stavik.

Timothy Bass was arrested on December 12th, 2017, and charged with first-degree murder concerning the death of Mandy Stavik.

Despite his denial of involvement, the investigation proved that he was responsible for the assault and murder of Mandy.

Mandy’s mother, Mary Stavik, learned of Bass’s arrest on her 81st birthday and was satisfied that her daughter had finally received justice, even though it had taken nearly three decades.

Mandy’s loved ones likely found comfort in knowing that the person responsible for her death had finally been brought to justice.

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Mandy Stavik Loved Ones Mourned Her Loss 

“Mandy was a shining light in this world. Her smile could brighten even the darkest days, and her kindness was unmatched.

She was more than just a student; she was my daughter. I will miss her every day, but I know that she is now in a better place, free from the pain and suffering of this world.

Mandy will always hold a special place in my heart and the hearts of everyone who knew her. She will never be forgotten.”

Such a powerful and heartfelt eulogy from Jim Freeman, who was like a Father figure to Mandy, demonstrates her impact on those around her and the deep love and affection she inspired.

The memorial service attended by thousands of people was a testament to Mandy’s life and the love she left behind.

The loss of Mandy was a tragedy, but her memory will live on through the many lives she touched.

Her mother, Mary Stavik, also stated that Mandy wanted to do everything. “She was a basketball player, a cheerleader, a top student, and once aspired to be an airline pilot.”

Moreover, Mandy’s older sister, Molly Brighton, said, “Mandy was larger than life. My sis accomplished a lot in the short time she was here.”

In short, Mandy was best at everything she did. She wanted to achieve big in life, but sadly, a criminal tore down her life-long achievements in seconds.

Mandy Stavik Murder Case Awakens The World 

A horrible murder case involving Mandy Stavik, a college freshman only 18 years old, inspired people worldwide to fight against violence against women and promote road safety.

Mandy Stavik Murder
Mandy Stavik Murder’s case awakened the public. (Source: CBS News

The fact that the neighborhood banded together and contributed assistance in the 1989 adolescent murder investigation was the case’s plus.

In 2017, the investigator’s assistance in cracking the case allowed them to finally solve the murder mystery and apprehend the killer after over two decades.

To prevent similar errors from happening again, the local administration also tried to address the issue of women’s safewomen’she the region.

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