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Who Is Alicia Richter Gagnon, Mark Gagnon Wife? Family & Kids

A comedian with edgy humor and sensible yet silly jokes, Mark Gagnon is a famous comedian whose fans can relate to his comedy. And to know more, netizens are now on the lookout for Mark Gagnon wife and his family.

Mark Gagnon is a stand-up comedian best known for his intensive humor and dark comedy genre.

He is co-hosting one of the great podcasts, The Flagrant, with his friend Andrew Schulz.

Mark is a show opener for Andrew to their comedy tours and podcast mic, making people roll on the floor laughing.

On his podcast, Mark points out different topics in a funny way, mixing his sense of humor with it.

His fans really like his content and his ability to connect his audience with his jokes.

Being descriptive and poking the world with his humor, he is gaining popularity among his fans and the world of comedy.

Who Is Alicia Richter Gagnon, Mark Gagnon Wife? Family

Besides being the co-host of Flagrant’s second season, he travels the world with his sense of comedy.

His fans and audience praise him for his edgy humor and silly jokes, which they find relatable to themselves.

On the other hand, he is also one of the people who came up with a Netflix show called Schulz Saves America.

Despite being a famous comedian star, Mark Gagnon does not have a personal Wikipedia page yet.

Mark Gagnon on Comedy Club
Mark Gagnon fans relate a lot to his comedy. (Source: WSCC)

Mark Gagnon was born on September 28, 1996, in the United States.

His family details are not disclosed publically despite his exposure to the comedy world and popularity among his followers.

He has kept his family out of the spotlight. However, his marriage pictures can still be found on the internet.

Alicia Richter Gagnon is the wife of Mark Gagnon, and you can find his marriage photos online.

However, the photo album visible to the public consists of decorations, guests, and backgrounds only.

We can only say he did so to keep his family members safe and away from the spotlight.

Further, unlike Mark Gagnon, his wife, Alicia Richter Gagnos, has a private Instagram account.

Mark Gagnon in texas
Mark Gagnon is a celebrity comedian. (Source: Instagram)

So, we do not have any pictures of Alicia, as Mark also has not uploaded any photos together to his public account.

And it seems the couple does not have any kids yet. But again, looking at the private nature of Mark, we can not say for a fact.

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Mark Gagnon’s Flagrant Net Worth

The famous podcast show Flagrant has Mark Gagnon with his friends Akaash Singh and AlexxMedia.

They are there to raise and talk about different sensitive and trending topics.

Flagrant co-host Andrew Schulz is a comedian by profession and also dipped his hand as an Actor, TV producer, and podcaster.

On the other hand, Akaash is an Indian- American podcaster as well as an actor and comedian with great comedy sense.

Mark Gognan and his friend’s channel Flagrant have over 1.4 million subscribers and 700 million views on their YouTube channel.

However, from their podcast, sponsors, and ads, they make around 1.1 million dollars per year.

Mark Gagnon with his freinds
Mark Gagnon, Flagrant channel, featured a Huge YouTuber and comedian in its show. (Source: Instagram)

They have also come up with their second channel, The Flagrant Clip, which has 7 million subscribers and 400 million views.

While this channel also makes millions a year, their views almost come from Shorts and Reels.

Furthermore, except for ads, they make an extra income through YouTube Premium, Superchats, Channel Membership, and Shopping.

These additional income sources help YouTubers diversify their revenue streams and make money beyond just ads.

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