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Mark Gordon Mental Health Update: Where Are His Parents And Where Are They From?

Mark Gordon and his partner, girlfriend Constance Marten, caused a nationwide search. The couple was found on February 27, 2023. Details on Mark Gordon mental health update.

Mark Gordon is a convicted rapist. Gordon is well known for his past criminal records, as he reportedly served 20 years in a US jail for rape and battery.

Further, Mark is also a convicted sex offender. He was found guilty of attacking a woman in Florida when he was 14. Likewise, Gordon was sentenced to the US before being deported to the UK in 2010. 

Both Mark and his partner have been arrested for going missing with their newborn baby. As per the sources, the duo went missing along with their newborn baby after their car smashed and caught fire on the M61 motorway.

The couple was found on February 27, 2023; however, the newborn baby was still missing unless the baby’s dead body was found on Wednesday afternoon.

Mark Gordon Mental Health Update

After Mark Gordon’s arrest, news surfaced in the media, and people began asking about his mental health. However, there is not much information regarding Mark’s health as none of the media outlets have given the fact.

Due to his unnatural behavior of Mark, people may have speculated that he may have some mental health problems. As the details regarding his health remain unknown, we are still trying to get more info about this topic.

Mark Gordon
Mark Gordon’s partner, Constance Marten. (Source: The Sun)

So, we will update you with more news in the future. Besides, he was charged with the manslaughter of a baby girl. On the other hand, Mark is the partner of Constance Marten, who was also arrested.

The couple’s arrest came after the remains of a baby were discovered amid a massive search. For your information, Mark and Marten met in 2016.

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Mark Gordon Mental Parents: Where Are They From?

Mark Gordon was born to his parents in Birmingham. The names of his father and mother remain unknown as Mark has not opened up about his family background with the media.

Mark’s father and mother seem to have already separated, as it is reported that he moved to Florida with his mother and half-siblings at a young age.

The 48-year-old Mark has quite a different background and family history. Besides that, his partner, Constance Marten’s personal details, also remain unknown at the moment.

Not to mention, they and their newborn baby went missing earlier this year after their car broke down and caught Fire. So they were recently located, but initially, the couple refused to cooperate with the police about the status of their baby.

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Mark Gordon Crimes and Convictions

Mark Gordon has already been a victim of some charges. Just at the age of 15, he was detained and found guilty of kidnap and sexual battery. After that, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. In 2010, Gordon was deported back to the UK.

Mark Gordon and his family vanished on January 5, 2023, after their car burst into flames in Bolton. It is reported that Mark and his partner were thought to have spent time sleeping rough.

They also traveled the country using cabs after being spotted buying camping equipment from an Argos in East London on January 7, 2023.

Mark Gordon
Mark Gordon and his partner is arrested for missing a newborn baby. (Source: Independent)

Before being located, they were also spotted with their baby in Newhaven, East Sussex, on Jan 9. The CCTV captured images showed the duo dumping their child’s pram in the port town.

Finally, on February 27, 2023, they were found in Brighton after a tip-off from the public. They were allegedly spotted carrying a suitcase just hours before their detention.


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