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Is Hozier Religious? Into His Belief And Artistic Connection

People have lots of curiosity regarding the religion of the famous music video Take Me To Chruch singer. Let’s find out who Hozier is and how religious he is.

Andrew John Hozier-Byrne professionally goes by the name Hozier on the stage. He is an Irish musician, singer, and songwriter.

Hozier was born on 17 March 1990 in Newcastle, Ireland.

He had his international breakthrough after releasing his debut single Take Me to Church, certified multi-platinum in several other countries.

Hozier released his debut EP in 2013, featuring Take Me to Church. Later, it became a rock radio hit in the U.S. and was number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

His music mainly draws folk, soul, and blues, often using religious and literary themes. This is why people gained an interest in knowing how religious Hozier is.

Religious Beliefs Of Hozier: A Closer Look

Looking at Hozier’s past, it can be said that his beliefs about religion are quite complex.

His parents converted from Catholicism, and he was raised in a Quaker family.

Despite this, he attended a Catholic school, St. Gerard’s, before studying music at Trinity College Dublin.

Furthermore, fans have never seen Hozier firmly align himself with any specific religion.

Likewise, he often doubts organized religion, especially the Catholic Church.

Hozier in stage enjoying his self with mie in his hand
Hozier identifies as an agnostic (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, he’s drawn to certain factors of Quakerism, which highlights finding a divine presence within each person.

Even though he doesn’t follow regular religious customs in his songs, Hozier talks about deep spiritual ideas.

Growing up as a Quaker has shaped his belief that there’s something special in each person.

So, while he doesn’t align himself with Christianity, he is curious about spirituality and discovering something greater than the material world.

Hence, although Hozier is not religious, he uses religious language in his music.

Hozier’s Beliefs And Artistic Expression

By all the pieces of music that Hozier has created, it is confirmed that he doesn’t separate his faith from his art.

In fact, he brings religion to the forefront of his music.

In his albums, he grapples with spiritual questions and invites his listeners to think about the afterlife and the nature of worship with him.

Moreover, his song lyrics often reference literature, nature, and religion.

Also, fans love how he explores themes like love, relationships, and politics in his music.

Hozier in stage playing guitar and dancing and red light spotting him
Hozier’s music is fundamentally religious (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Hozier’s music challenges societal examples and questions organized religion and social traditions.

Even though he often touches on religious topics, he doesn’t consider himself a Christian artist.

One of his most famous songs, Take Me to Church, criticizes the Catholic Church’s stance on LGBTQ individuals and sexuality.

Hozier is a strong supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and has been particularly vocal in showing his support for the transgender community.

He expresses this support not only on Twitter but also in interviews.

This shows that he’s willing to challenge established norms through his music.

Hozier in stage carrying LGBTQ flags in one hand and speaking in mike
Hozier has also been an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community (Source: Twitter)

Various religious traditions influence Hozier’s music, but he doesn’t attach to one faith. He embraces his Irish heritage, which is evident in his name.

Hozier uses religious language in his music to make statements about the Church.

Likewise, he addresses concepts like sin to challenge the Church’s beliefs even though he disagrees with them.

So, despite what he may say in his songs, Christianity could still fulfill some of his desires, even if he feels distant from the traditional faith.

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