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Mark Latunski Wife Emily Latunski: Where Is The Spouse After The Verdict?

The world of crime always surprises us with shocking and heinous decisions, as Mark Latunski wife Emily opens up after the verdict, shocking the world.

The name Mark Latunski might sound familiar to people who keep up with the crime news.

He is a person who ate the body parts of his Grindr date after kidnapping and murdering him.

Mark Latunski now has to spend his life behind bars, and the judge characterized his crime as a ‘crime of cold calculation’.

On the Christmas of 2019, a person named Kevin Bacon mysteriously disappeared.

But three days later, a 25-year-old man was found in Mark Laturski’s basement.

Grindr Date Gone Wrong: Where is Mark Latunski Wife Emily Latunski

It looked like Kevin Bacon’s body had to go through much violence even after his death.

What’s shocking is Mark later confessed that he not only murdered Kevin but also ate his body parts by frying them.

Kevin bacon
Kevin Bacon was very naive and trusted everyone easily, and sadly, he had to die so horrifically.

Mark also mentioned his plans to use Kevin’s blood and bones as fertilizers for his plants and turn his muscles into jerky to consume later.

He was found guilty of first-degree murder by the court for the charges of homicide and mutilation of a dead body.

Mark Latunski ex-wife, Emily Latunski, could have faced a similar fate to Kevin’s, but she was fortunate enough to escape.

She now lives a very normal life with her four kids far away from her ex-husband’s crime scene.

After the verdict and the truth came out, Emily had a lot of things to say about her ex-husband in front of the public.

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Mark and Emily’s Marriage and the Impact of Mark’s Mental Health

Mark Latunski and his ex-wife Emily decided to tie the knot in 2001.

After spending 13 long years with each other and having four children, they decided to end their marriage with a divorce.

Mark in court
Mark looks like he is lost the whole time in the trial video.

Emily revealed that the divorce resulted from Mark’s intense mental health issues.

Mark was suffering from depression, paranoid schizophrenia, and some traits of a personality disorder in 2010 and 2012.

On top of that, Mark did not take the medicine properly and was very inconsistent with it.

It is very normal when two people who share kids decide to divorce, and they face many custody issues.

Mark Latunski and ex-wife Emily’s case was no exception. Emily wanted to take care of her kids by herself.

As she knew, Mark had mental health issues and could not care for himself, little alone of his kids.

So, she wanted to do the parenting alone. Further, she suggested to the court that she should be able to suspend his parenting time.

Mark Latunski wife
After the divorce from Emily, Mark went on to marry a guy named Jamie Arnold.

Because she did not feel like the kids should be safe around him.

His mental health issues were so serious and concerning that he went to law enforcement in 2013, introducing himself as William Gregory Dean.

Claiming that he had killed Mark Latunski “with a stroke of pen.”

This incident particularly scared Emily, and she wanted to escape him as soon as possible.

Emily mentioned in an interview that she knew that the father of her kids was the biggest threat to them.

She says she still has concerns about whether he participated in such activities during their long marriage.

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