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Mark Selby Wife Illness 2023: Vikki Layton Cancer Update

Get updates on Vikki Layton illness and health. What happened to Mark Selby’s wife?

Mark Anthony Selby MBE, an English professional snooker player, has won the title of World Snooker Champion four times.

Mark Selby is now ranked as the best player in the world. He began his professional career at 16 and is currently the World Snooker Champion.

He has won three Master Championships, two UK Championships, and four World Snooker Championships.

Selby competed in his first World Championship Final as a professional in 2007. However, he was defeated by John Higgins.

He has held the top spot several times, and his fantastic resume of 22 ranking victories makes him the eighth-highest tournament winner of all time.

Many people have been searching for information about Mark Selby’s wife, Vikki Layton Illness, and conducting various online searches.

Vikki Layton Mark Selby Wife llness 2023: Illness And Cancer Update

Vikki Layton is entirely well and alive as of 2023. However, her husband, Mark Selby, has acknowledged that he has mental health problems.

He disclosed a “relapse” in his fight against depression. Barry Hawkins destroyed Selby 6-1 in the quarterfinal on Friday. He felt incredibly let down by his performance.

Vikki Layton Illness
Following his failure at the Masters, Mark Selby disclosed he had experienced a “relapse” in his battle with depression. (Source: The Independent)

Silently, Selby revealed his struggles with his mental health. But recently, it began to impact his performance, and he came up with difficulties.

His performance versus Hawkins left him feeling incredibly let down.

He had hitherto kept his mental troubles to himself. But he was honest about his illness and said he had depression.

Mark was an only child while growing up. His father died of cancer when he was 16, and his mother abandoned him when he was eight years old.

His interaction with his parents possibly caused trauma and severely affected his mental health.

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Vikki Layton Wikipedia: How Old Is Mark Selby Wife?

Vikki Layton is not listed on the official website of Wikipedia. She is probably in her mid-thirties, based on her pictures.

However, Selby’s wife has not revealed her age to the media or the public. 

Between 2003 and 2004, Vikki participated in two snooker tournaments before settling down with her husband of 11 years.

Vikki Layton Illness
Mark Selby’s wife, Vikki Layton, was a former pool player. (Source: Eurosport)

She competed in the 2003 WEPF Ladies World Championship in Blackpool before the Ladies European Championship in Jersey.

Vikki advanced to the semifinals of the latter competition before losing to fellow pool player Barbara Taylor.

Vikki was born in Ipswich and is currently a full-time mother. She became quite interested in the sport when she was a teenager.

She only participated in a few events during her brief stint as a professional pool player, but it seems like she currently realizes her goal through her boyfriend.

Vikki no longer plays pool, but she still supports him by attending all his snooker matches.

Vikki Layton And Mark Selby Marriage Life

The devoted couple Vikki and Mark got engaged in 2010 and married in 2011.

Close friends and family members attended their wedding ceremony in Mexico in May 2011, when they witnessed the couple exchange vows.

The wedding ceremony was held in Cancun, Mexico. The couple first met in 2006 during a professional recruit. 

Vikki Layton Illness
Mark Selby, his daughter Sofia Maria, and his wife Vikki Layton celebrate his victory in the Betway UK Championship. (Source: The Mirror)

Sofia Maria, the couple’s daughter, was born in 2014. They had previously shared family victory photos with their daughter following tournament victories.

In 2016, when Mark defeated Ding Junhui to win his second world championship, the Leicester-born athlete honored his late father-in-law, who had left in September 2015.

The Father of one said, “I don’t have a large family; therefore, I consider Vikki’s family to be my own.

“Two years ago, when I won it, her Dad was here watching. But she lost her Father last year. So, his absence was pretty upsetting.”

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