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Mary Elizabeth Bailey Wikipedia: Real Life Of Would You Kill for Me

With the recent popularization of the movie Would You Kill For Me, based on the true story of Mary Elizabeth Bailey, people globally have started searching for her Wikipedia page to know more about her life.

Mary Elizabeth Bailey is a well-known author in the United States, mostly known for her book My Mother’s Soldier.

She is also the co-owner of a thriving uniform business for nurses and other professionals.

In the book she wrote, she shares about her life incidents that occurred during her childhood.

Further, she also shared a horrifying incident about her mother forcing her to shoot her abusive stepfather.

Following the incident, a movie was released on October 28, making people curious about the real-life girl.

With the increasing curiosity, the search for the Wikipedia page of Mary Elizabeth Bailey started to skyrocket.

Mary Elizabeth Bailey Wikipedia: Early Life And Family

Despite her struggles and positive thinking about forgiveness, Wikipedia has yet to recognize Mary Elizabeth Bailey.

However, the following article will provide a deep insight into her life.

Mary Elizabeth Bailey is currently 44 years old. However, we don’t have the exact date of her birth.

Mary Elizabeth bailey taking a selfie wearing a black scarf.
Mary was badly abused by her father and was forced to shoot him. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, born in Gastonia, North Carolina, her early life was marked by instability and violence as she faced poverty and abuse from her stepfather, Wayne Wyers.

Furthermore, in February 1987, at the age of eleven, Mary’s mother, Priscilla Wyers, instructed her to shoot Wayne while he was asleep.

This act of her mother was driven by years of fear and desperation as her husband was a bully and of a violent nature.

He was often abusive to Priscilla as well as to his small children and especially to his stepdaughter.

Nevertheless, this incident drastically changed her life and exiled her to live her life as a rootless foster child.

Following the incident, Priscilla tried to convince the authorities that her daughter acted on her own.

Mary Elizabeth Bailey with the cast of the movie based on her life stroy.
Mary is currently working as the co-founder of the company she started with her ex-husband. (Source: Instagram)

Eventually, her lie didn’t work, and she ended up doing time in the State prison.

Despite the troubles in her early life, Mary didn’t let them define her and went on to pursue a nursing degree.

She also co-founded a thriving uniform business for nurses and other professionals with her ex-husband.

Nevertheless, Mary Elizabeth Bailey is a source of inspiration for those struggling with abuse and deserves a well-dedicated Wikipedia page.

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More About The Movie: Would You Kill For Me And The Cast

Would You Kill For Me is one of the movies inspired by true events and stories.

The movie premiered on October 23, 2023, on the Lifetime Channel all across America.

Told through the different perspectives of three generations of women, this thriller follows the violent relationship between the family and an abusive father.

Likewise, it follows the heartbreaking story of three generations of women- Ella, her daughter Veronica, and her granddaughter Mary.

Likewise, Ella is raising Mary for her daughter, but things take a turn when Veronica marries Willard, who later becomes extremely abusive.

Poster of Would You Kill For Me.
Would You Kill For Me is a movie based on the true story of Mary Elizabeth Bailey. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Veronica’s best friend becomes pregnant with her husband’s child, complicating their relationship.

Eventually, one night, someone killed Willard, and the family lived in a constant state of fear.

Moreover, the cast details of the movie are as follows:

  • Presley Allard- Mary Bailey
  • Melissa Joan Hart- Ella
  • Olivia Scriven- Veronica
  • Connor McMahon- Willard Simms
  • Luca Thunberg- Sammy Bailey
  • Laura Adamo- Cordelia
  • JaNae Armogan- Police woman

Likewise, Gregg McBride wrote the movie, and Somone Stock directed it.

Moreover, Would You Kill For Me is a classic example of what a person can do under years of fear and desperation.

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