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How Matthew Perry, The Late Chandler, Inspired Me

Very few on-screen characters leave a mark amongst so many of their viewers, even decades after its original release. Let’s explore how the character Chandler Bing, played by Matthew Perry, has not only inspired me but many others.

Among those people, one very beloved and heartwarming character is Chandler, played by a talented actor, Matthew Perry.

Matthew sadly passed away on October 29, 2023, leaving us all to admire the work he has done throughout his life.

He has played many other unique characters in his life, but there is something about Chandler that leaves us all feeling like he is one of our ‘Friends.’

Matthew Perry, from his Chandler Character, has made many smile; many fall in love with his quirkiness, and many admire his humor. He has inspired me a lot.

Matthew Perry Inspired Me To Find Humor In Hard Times And Embrace Imperfections Through His Character

All of us FRIENDS fans know that Chandler may have always come off as someone funny and always makes jokes during any situation.

However, his humor often appears as a way for him to deal with difficult times.

Chandler will forever live on to be one of the greatest characters on American TV. (Source: Twitter)

In the show, life throws many curveballs at Chandler, similar to what happens with most of us.

But he somehow always found a way to make the situation lighter with his jokes.

It may not be as easy as said, but Chandler makes me believe it is possible.

Another major thing that Matthew Perry inspired me through Chandler’s character is to accept my imperfections.

It is what it’s like to be a human, and Chandler teaches us exactly that.

In a world where everyone is always seen chasing perfection, our beloved Chandler shows us how completely normal it is to have flaws.

After all, we all also love him for his cute and silly flaws and his imperfections.

Chandler is also famous for being the amazing friend that he is to all of his friends.

Matthew Perry chandler
Matthew Perry was very vocal about his struggles with drugs while he was on FRIENDS. (Source: Twitter)

There is one episode in the show where Chandler helps Joey when he is not doing very well financially by trying to keep it hidden from Joey.

This is a pure act of selflessness and a great example of a great friend.

Being a FRIENDS fan, I have gotten very inspired by Chandler to do the same things for my friends.

Chandler’s Transformative Journey: From Dreamer To Lover To Family Man

Throughout the many seasons of the show, Chandler goes through a massive character development.

His journey from living a life working a job he despises to taking risks to enjoy the life of his dreams is truly inspiring.

This is one of those moments where we viewers can take a moment of sigh during our journey.

Chandler, played by Matthew Perry, has not only inspired me but many to keep following our dreams and focus on personal growth.

Matthew Perry Inspired Me
Even though Matthew may not be here with us today, his legacy lives on by his works. (Source: Twitter)

A very heartwarming plot that takes place in Chandler’s life is his falling in love with his dearest friend, Monica.

This love story came very unexpectedly, making us believe that sometimes relationships begin with strong friendships.

This reminds us that sometimes love can make its way through unconventional paths.

Lastly, Matthew Perry, through his Chandler’s character, also inspired me always to value the family.

His relationship with his parents on the show is a different journey.

From having a very un-stereotypical relationship with his parents to finally reconciling with them, the journey is amazing.

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