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Maya Kowalski Settlement Of $220 Million: Did Maya Family Win?

Following the harrowing story of the recent Netflix documentary, viewers are intrigued to learn more about the Maya Kowalski family and the legal settlement.

Maya Kowalski is the teen at the heart of a $220 million lawsuit against a Florida hospital.

Further, the Netflix documentary Take Care of Maya follows the teen’s and her family’s heartbreaking journey.

Maya has gone through several mistreatments with both the healthcare and court system of the country.

Currently, she has decided to speak the truth and go through the legal process.

So, many wonder about Maya Kowalski and the settlement that the hospital is in debt to pay her.

The Case Of Kowalski Family And Children’s Hospital

Before going into legal settlements, let’s delve into the story of Maya Kowalski.

Maya was nine years old when she first began experiencing unexplained symptoms.

She had muscle weakness and burning sensations throughout her body.

Further, Maya’s symptoms started after she had a severe asthma attack in 2015.

Maya Kowalski family
Maya and her family suffered a lot due to health misconduct. (Source: NBCNews)

Later, Dr. Anthony Kirkpatrick identified that Maya has a rare pain disorder called complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

The doctors then put Maya on a low dose of ketamine to rest her.

However, when the dosage did not work, the doctors recommended that Maya go under a 5-day ketamine coma.

After a while, the symptoms resided, and treatment was successful until 2016, when Maya relapsed.

Then, her father took her to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital (JHACH) in St. Petersberg.

Moreover, her mother, Beata, explained to the doctors that CRPS was to be treated with a high dosage of ketamine.

Maya Kowalski trial
Maya bursts out in tears, recalling her late mother in recent trials. (Source: Twitter)

However, this caused the hospital to report Beata for child abuse and classified her under a mental illness.

Additionally, Dr. Sally Smith accused her of faking Maya’s illness to gain attention for themselves.

Further, JHACH refused to discharge Maya into her parent’s custody and limited their interactions.

Sadly, this led to Beata committing suicide in 2017 after a battle with depression and fatigue.

About a week after Beata’s death, Maya was released back into her father’s custody.

Now, Maya Kowalski, along with her father, filed a lawsuit that included settlement charges of false reporting of child abuse.

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Maya Kowalski Settlement Of $220 Million: Did The Kowalski Family Win?

In 2018, Jack filed a case against the JHACH and Florida’s Department of Children and Families.

Currently, the trial for Maya Kowalski and her settlement of $220 million is ongoing.

Further, it also includes charges against Dr. Smith, the company that employed Smith, and social worker Catherine.

As per the legal filing, the settlement includes false imprisonment of Maya Kowalski and medical malpractice.

Maya Kowalski press
Maya still suffers from the symptoms of CRPS. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the charges also address the emotional distress that the family suffered.

Likewise, the suit also alleged that JHACH was negligent in hiring Catherine.

It was revealed that the social worker had previously been arrested on child abuse charges before her employment at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Smith and the company settled their portions of the lawsuit in 2022 for $2.5 million.

On October 30, Catherine attended the court to present her defense.

Further, the attorney for the Kowalski family, Gregory, stated that the family will need medical therapy for the rest of their lives.

Moreover, during the trial, Maya burst into tears as she opened up about her mother.

Maya father
Maya’s father filed the lawsuit after his wife’s death. (Source: Twitter)

Gregory argued that the hospital staff refused to believe Maya had CRPS and put pressure on her mother.

However, the facility was billing the family and their insurance more than half a million dollars for CRPS. 

Likewise, the judge plans to give the case to the jury by November 7 for reflection.

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