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Mccanna Anthony Sinise Obituary: Gary Sinise Son After Death From Illness

Recent death news of actor Gary Sinise’s son Mccanna Anthony Sinise has left everyone deeply saddened, and now people have started searching for his obituary to share his memories in it.

Mccanna Anthony Sinise is a musician and son of a famous actor and director Gary Sinise.

He was a graduate of the University of Southern California who studied songwriting and composition in addition to drumming.

However, Mccanna was not like others who had many opportunities in career building.

Life came out harsh on him as his father Gary announced publicly that his son was diagnosed with an incurable disease.

During his last years, Mccanna committed himself to collaborating with his father’s foundation and pursuing his passion for music.

Further, fulfilling his dreams he recently completed work on his music album Resurrection & Revival but sadly passed away on January 5.

As the news of his death reached a broad audience, many people came to fill the obituary of Mccanna Anthony Sinise with his contributions and memories.

Mccanna Anthony Sinise Obituary: Gary Sinise’s Son Dies At The Age of 33

The unfortunate death of Gary Sinise’s son, Mccanna Anthony Sinise has left everyone in shock right now.

However, despite his untimely demise, his works and contribution to the music sector will continue to inspire future generations.

Meanwhile, the obituary of Mccanna Anthony Sinise showcases all his contributions to the music industry and social media influences.

Mccanna, the dearest son of Gary Sinise, left his family with the honor of a strong fight against cancer throughout his life.

As with any grieving family, many are sorrowful and coping with the loss as best they can.

Mccanna with his father Gary together with a performance publicly.
McCanna loved music and was a great drummer. (Source: Reddit)

With his born talent and musical interest, he became one of the most renowned artists through social media.

Yet, despite his successful career, Mccanna, at 33, took his final breath on January 5, 2024.

Following this news, the masses and those who knew him started sending tributes to his family.

As the news reached a broad audience, many of his fans and fellow co-actors of his father Gary supported the family emotionally and mentally.

With that said, we, too, share our tributes condolences, and obituary to the Mccanna Anthony Sinise and his family on the loss of their close one.

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What Took The Life Of Mac Sinise? Cause Of Death

The renowned musician and son of The Forrest Gump actor Gary Sinise, Mccanna Sinie died on Jan 5, 2024.

The cause of death of Mccanna was due to a rare spinal cancer called Chordoma. 

Chordoma, as described by the National Cancer Institute, is a slowly developing tumor originating within spinal tissue.

According to Gary, Mccanna’s illness occurred just a few months after his wife Moira Harris was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Nevertheless, Mccanna’s mother was free from cancer with the help of therapy, but his son’s condition spread over time and made him disabled.

McCanna Anthony Sinise and Gary Sinise seen together beforehis paralysis.
Mccanna suffered from spinal cancer from a very young age. (Source: Twitter)

Eventually, the cancer fight was getting harder, but most of 2019, he was still able to try his best.

However, it was until a third spine surgery in November 2023, when Mccanna Sinise became mostly paralyzed, utilizing limited mobility.

Tragically, Gary Sinise announced his death on the Gary Sinise Foundation’s website.

Gary Sinise states that,

The week the album went to press, Mac lost his battle with cancer. He died on January 5, 2024, at 3:25 pm, and was laid to rest on January 23rd.

As the news went online, many fans and followers also shared their sadness about his death through their social media handles.

Many described him as a fighter and a talented musician, indicating how vast his impact was within a few years.

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