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Mikki Mase Wikipedia, Net Worth: The Best Gambler In The World

The notorious gambling figure, Mikki Mase, has started making headlines with increased curiosity among people regarding his net worth. Now, people have shifted their attention toward the Wikipedia of Mikki Mase.

Mikki Mase is an online figure mostly famous for his gambling skills and victories in various casinos. 

With more than ten years of experience in gambling, people considered him the proverbial king of Baccarat.

Further, he gained recognition for his business acumen and investment in various gambling ventures.

Throughout his career, Mase has participated in numerous high-stakes games and tournaments.

Moreover, with the increasing popularity of Mikki Mase across the internet, people have started showing interest in his Wikipedia page.

Mikki Mase Wikipedia: Early Life And Family

Despite being well-recognized in gambling, Mikki Mase does not have a well-dedicated Wikipedia page.

So, here is a comprehensive article with the information that can be added to a Wikipedia article.

Mikki Mase was born on September 27, 1991, with the original name Michael David Meiterman.

However, the details of Mase’s parents and other family members are not widely disclosed to share.

Mikki Mase holding cash in his hand.
According to the internet, Mikki Mase is one of the greatest poker players ever. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, he didn’t have it easy as a teenager and claimed to have served up to six years before he clocked 21.

Growing up in New Jersey, Mase attended multiple schools, but each expelled him until he ran out of options.

Further, at age 20, he relocated to New York and got deeper into the streets, forming alliances with local gangs.

Fortunately, he saw the need to change and moved with his close friend in Florida.

Further, Mase got a job and started working in a tattoo shop, scrubbing the toilets, and many more. 

He was a fast learner, and his rise from failure came when he started working in construction at a rehabilitation center.

Mikki Mase clicked during a poker match wearing a black hat.
Mikki Mase was also involved in drugs and other illegal activities while in New York. (Source: Twitter)

With the knowledge from his past experiences, Mase decided to open up his rehabilitation center.

Moreover, Mikki Mase expanded his footprints, establishing a vast network of pharmacies and clinical labs, which is noteworthy in his Wikipedia.

Later, at 28, he unexpectedly decided to sell his business and moved to Los Angeles in 2018.

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Mikki Mase’s Gambling Career And Net Worth

Mikki Mase’s gambling career did not begin all of a sudden; all along, he was gambling, including his childhood days.

With a knack for math, he randomly started traveling to Las Vegas and made up to $50,000 on every journey.

Over time, he increased his stakes, and his winnings rose as much as $300,000 per trip.

Firstly, he started with double-deck and blackjack before moving to Baccarat.

Throughout his gambling career, Mase has been through numerous runs and dry spells. 

However, one such spell had him go from being down to his last $200 to up over $800,000.

Moreover, he went on to win more than $11 million in one gambling session, resulting in his ban from different casinos in Las Vegas.

Mikki Mase during a podcast wearing a yellow hat.
The casinos of Las Vegas used to provide private jets for Mase’s traveling. (Source: Twitter)

Further, he also participated in different professional gambling matches and has made quite a name for himself.

Additionally, Mase showcased his skill to people globally through different YouTube videos.

Currently, he is also helping people with different addictions, including drug and gambling, through different online platforms free of cost.

Furthermore, regarding Mase’s financial standings, the official statement is not publicly available.

Although Mase has not directly disclosed his net worth, analysts make speculations based on his posts that showcase his winning and lifestyle.

His estimated worth is around $10 million. But since it is not accurate information, it could be more, and it could be less.

So, let’s hope Wikipedia will soon recognize Mikki Mase and dedicate him a page including the exact net worth details. 

Nevertheless, his history in gambling is one of a kind and has earned him quite popular among the people.

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