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Who Is Milo James Collier, Rob James Collier Son? Daughter And Wife

Learn about Rob James Collier son, Milo James-Collier. Learn more about the actor’s family and their life away from the spotlight. 

Rob James-Collier is a British actor known for his compelling performances in popular television series.

His notable roles include Thomas Barrow in “Downton Abbey” and Liam Connor in “Coronation Street.”

Originating from Salford, Greater Manchester, James-Collier adopted his hyphenated surname to adhere to Equity regulations.

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Meet Rob James Collier Son Milo James Collier And Daughter

Rob James-Collier’s family expanded with the arrival of his son, Milo James-Collier. Born in 2010, Milo is the only child of Rob and his wife, Lauren Chandiram.

The couple has maintained a private life, and details about Milo’s upbringing are kept largely away from the public eye.

Rob James-Collier has shared minimal details about Milo in interviews, in line with the family’s preference for a quiet life away from the media’s scrutiny.

The actor’s dedication to his career and family life indicates a well-rounded approach to balancing the demands of the entertainment industry with his role as a husband and father.

Rob James Collier Son
Rob Collier’s family includes son Milo James-Collier; details about daughter undisclosed. (Image Source: Digital Spy)

Rob and Lauren, married in a low-key ceremony, have successfully maintained a level of privacy uncommon in the world of celebrity.

The actor is known to have a daughter from a previous relationship. However, specific details such as her name, birthdate, and other personal information have been kept private.

Rob James Collier Wife

Lauren Chandiram, the wife of British actor Rob James-Collier, is a woman of mystery and elegance. She is best known for her role as the life partner of the renowned actor.

The couple has managed to keep their personal life largely private, adding an air of intrigue to Lauren’s persona.

Lauren’s background is rooted in the United Kingdom, and she holds British nationality.

Despite being married to a public figure, she has successfully maintained a low profile, choosing to stay away from the limelight that often accompanies celebrity status.

Her journey with James-Collier began discreetly, and the couple kept their romance under wraps initially.

It wasn’t until 2007 that their relationship became public knowledge when they were photographed together at the premiere of “Downton Abbey,” a series in which Rob played a lead role.

At that time, Lauren was in her twenties, and Rob was 31.

Lauren Chandiram has been described as a fashion enthusiast with a passion for style. Before meeting Rob, she ran a clothing store, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

Rob James Collier Son
Lauren Chandiram, wife of actor Rob James-Collier, maintains mystery amid elegance. (Image Source: Tuko)

When the couple moved in together, she planned to open a clothing boutique in Manchester, demonstrating her commitment to the fashion industry.

Despite having the opportunity to step into the world of modeling, Lauren reportedly declined numerous offers, expressing her preference for a life away from the cameras.

Chandiram’s decision to decline modeling opportunities and maintain a low profile reflects the shared commitment she and her husband, Rob, have to keeping their family life private.

In an industry often characterized by public scrutiny, the couple has intentionally chosen to shield their personal affairs from the spotlight.

By prioritizing privacy, they provide Milo with a childhood free from the intrusions of the media, allowing him to grow and develop outside the constraints of celebrity culture.

This deliberate choice underscores the couple’s desire to create a sense of normalcy and protect the sanctity of their family life amidst the public nature of Rob’s acting career.

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