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Dale Brisby Wikipedia Age: How Old Is Professional Bull Rider?

The cool cowboy, Dale Brisby from Texas, has many fans following his daily life updates. Even though he is very active on social media, many still know little about Dale Brisby Wikipedia.

Dale Brisby is a very famous name when it comes to the world of rodeo.

His real name is Clint Hopping, and he was born in the year 1987, May 21, in Texas.

Dale is known for his exciting YouTube videos surrounding his daily life as a cowboy and a rancher.

His unique personality, with his extraordinary looks and style, has garnered him a huge fan base who want to know more about Dale Brisby Wikipedia.

Dale Brisby Wikipedia: Journey From College Graduate to Rodeo Star

Dale’s path to becoming a very renowned person in rodeo started during his years in college.

He is a Masters degree graduate in Agriculture from the Texas A&M Univerity.

Dale Brisby Bull Riding
Fans love how fun-loving the Texas cowboy and Netflix star Dale Brisby is. (Source: Instagram)

His interest in the rodeo began at a very early age, and his father inspired him.

Dale’s father was also a rancher and a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

Like his father, Dale is not just a cowboy but also a rancher, and he is the manager of the Radiator Ranch.

But what sets him apart from other ranchers or cowboys is his choice to share his cowboy life on YouTube.

Dale is very passionate about giving his audiences fun content. (Source: Instagram)

In 2014, he officially began his YouTube channel ‘DaleBrisbyBullRider.’ As of now, Dale has more than 60 million views on his channel.

People love his videos for his wonderful humor and ranching content combined with skis and podcasts.

Not only on YouTube, Dale has a massive following on other social media platforms.

Currently, at 36, Dale Brisby has a shocking following of 800k followers on his Instagram account.

His fans love watching his daily posts about how to be a real cowboy.

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Interesting Life Of Dale Brisby: Bull Riding Enthusiast Turned A Netflix Star

The highlight of Dale Brisby’s career up until now remains his role in the Netflix original series How to Be a Cowboy.

In the show, his brother Leroy and world-renowned bull rider J.B. Mauney also appear.

Not only that, but the show also features some very talented and famous country music singers like Cody Johnson and Granger Smith.

Dale Brisby, in exchange, has also been featured in Cody Johnson’s record’ Human: The Double Album.’

Like many famous comedic personalities, Dale has his famous lines and catchphrases.

Dale Brisby Insta
Dale does not shy away from showing how much he values and appreciates his supporters. (Source: Instagram)

Phrases like “It’s Rodeo Time!,” “Keeping it 90,” “Ol’ Son,” “Pow Pow,” and “You Ain’t No Cowboy” have become a part of his cowboy brand.

This shows how much he holds pride in being a cowboy, but he also often playfully calls himself the world’s best bullrider.

It is interesting to note that Dale has attempted 80 total bull rides.

He has completed 8 of them, and most of these building attempts were made between 2009 and 2011.

There aren’t many videos of Dale Brisby riding a bull, but he also has videos of bronc riding.

Dale Brisby Wikipedia is a collection of wonderful experiences that the cowboy keeps adding to his life filled with fun and entertainment.

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