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Monte Henderson Wikipedia: Reckless Driver Kill Mother, Daughter

The Wikipedia page of the reckless driver, Monte Henderson, has been getting significant attention after the surveillance video of a fatal accident went viral on the internet.

Monte Henderson made headlines due to his involvement in a tragic accident resulting in the deaths of a mother, Laticha Bracero, and a daughter, Alyssa Cordova. 

Medical responders declared the mother dead at the scene and transported the daughter to a hospital, but she was also pronounced dead by medical staff.

As soon as the news made headlines, the horrific surveillance footage also surfaced, capturing the harrowing moment when tragedy struck a family leaving a Drake concert in St. Louis, Missouri. 

After this, the community mourned the tragic loss of Latica Braceri and Alyssa Cordova and also demanded justice.

Amidst all this, the driver Monte Henderson has been the primary target, and consequently, there has been a significant increase in searches for his Wikipedia.

Monte Henderson Wikipedia: Involvement In Fatal Accident

On February 14, Monte Henderson allegedly ran a red light at high speed; this resulted in a fatal crash that caused the death of two. 

The reckless driving of Monte led to a fatal collision between Laticha Bracero, 42, and her daughter Alyssa Cordova, 21.

Later, it was found out that, at the time, they were returning from a Drake concert.

Moreover, the police reports claimed that Monte was driving a 2020 Jeep Cherokee at a speed of over 70mph when the accident occurred.

Monte Henderson curled long hair straight face
Monte Henderson faced legal proceedings following the incident. (Source: Twitter)

Monte Henderson’s recklessness destroyed a family and killed two people, which led people to question his background and upbringing.

Because he gained attention solely because of one tragic incident, the Wikipedia page has not featured Monte Henderson.

Talking about him, the 22-year-old Monte Henderson, born in 2002, hails from St. Louis, United States. 

While there is no information about his family, Monte’s attorney shared that he is a very upstanding young man. 

Moreover, his attorney stated that he participated in academics and sports. Further, it was also revealed that he has no criminal record from the past.

Despite having such a decent background, he ruined his life just in a moment with his reckless driving.

With this, Judge Annette Llewellyn considered his crime and granted Monte Henderson bail. But this decision sparked outrage, looking at the severity of the incident.

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Monte Henderson Charges & Bail Controversy

Monte Henderson faced legal action after the incident, with charges against him for his alleged reckless behavior.

He faces charges, including two counts of involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action for the deaths of Laticha Bracero and Alyssa Cordova.

St. Louis police officer Matthew Wieczorek filed the charging documents. He worried that Monte might pose a danger to society and might try to evade going to court.

Judge smiling in black coat
Judge Annette Llewellyn faced prior scrutiny for her handling of cases. (Source: Twitter)

However, Judge Annette Llewellyn disagreed with the criticism and set Monte Henderson’s bail, considering his lack of previous felonies.

Despite arguments, authorities released Monte Henderson from custody pending further legal proceedings.

He posted $20,000 bail, constituting 10 percent of his $200,000 bond, and he was subsequently released.

The decision to grant bail received criticism, especially after the surveillance footage of the crash spread widely, raising concerns about public safety. 

The victims’ families have been questioning how the man who took two lives can be out on bond just 2 days later. Additionally, they have many questions and demands.

Smiling Mother and daughter who Monte Henderson killed with his reckless driving
The duo loved music, and attending concerts was ‘their thing.’ (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, the family also expressed deep grief over the mom-daughter’s death, describing them as inseparable and caring individuals.

Furthermore, they organized a GoFundMe campaign to assist the grieving family surpassed its goal. This shows widespread sympathy and support for the victims’ loved ones.

Amidst all this grief and sadness, the search for the Wikipedia page of Monte Henderson increases as details about the accident show a sad story of what happened, causing the lives of two innocent people to end too soon.

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