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Nana Liang Leaked Video Viral on Reddit: Taiwanese Rapper Scandal

Nana Liang leaked video makes rounds online as the Taiwanese rapper’s private tape was shared. Here’s what we know about the whole situation.

Nana Liang is a renowned rapper from Taiwan who has been active in this industry for quite a while now. Due to her work, Liang has been able to collect many followers.

She is an active Instagram user, and more than 444k people have followed her on the platform. From her Instagram handle, Liang makes regular posts.

Apart from her professional life, Liang is also famous for her personal life, mainly her relationship with TVB artiste King Kong. Currently, Liang is in the limelight due to her recent scandal.

Nana Liang Leaked Video Viral on Reddit

Taiwanese rapper Nana Liang goes viral on social media following a leak of her private video. The video has been trending on many platforms, including Twitter and Reddit.

In the viral video, a lady was engaged in an explicit scene with a man, and the clip was first shared on Reddit, and later it was also uploaded on other social media platforms.

Nana Liang Leaked Video
Nana Liang’s leaked video is going viral on many social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. ( Source: Twitter )

After exploring the videos, fans, and followers knew that the lady involved in the video was none other than talented rapper Nana Liang.

In the same way, many fake and unverified online portals began making news about it, and they even shared fake links. 

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Taiwanese Rapper Nana Liang Scandal Explained

Nana Liang is a Taiwanese rapper who is making headlines online following a recent scandal. She was allegedly engaged in an intimate moment with a man, and the private video has been leaked.

On the other hand, Taiwanese media reported that the man in the video is allegedly a wealthy, married man. Also, the viral video itself was shot around the Lunar New Year period this year, contradicting what Nana said in her Instagram post. 

Nana Liang scandal
The Taiwanese rapper Nana Liang scandal has dragged the eyes of many. ( Source: Instagram )

Liang’s attention has already been dragged into this topic, and she also released a statement. In the statement, she said the video was recorded years ago. 

The video has been trending on multiple social media platforms, and due to that, Nana is feeling embarrassed. In the post she shared on Instagram, Nana said she was scared and hurt due to the leaked video.

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Nana Liang Addresses Everything About Her Leaked Video

Nana Liang released a statement on April 18, 2023, following a leaked video in which she was allegedly engaged in an intimate moment with a man.

She talked about everything about the incident saying that the video was old. Nana also warned the one who shared the clip. Following that, Liang is receiving tremendous support from her followers. 

Apart from that, her ex-boyfriend, King Kong, was linked with this viral video, as many speculated he was the man in the video. Due to that, King Kong himself addressed the rumors denying that he was not the one.

Nana Liang released a statement on April 18, 2023, following a leaked video. ( Source: Instagram )

Likewise, he ditched everyone not to create fake rumors and drag his name into the ongoing situation. He talked about the rumors via his Instagram account. Moreover, Nana has also said she will take legal measures for this issue. 

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