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Natalia Grace New Parents: Mom Cynthia & Dad Antwon Mans

Natalia Grace, a Ukrainian orphan with a rare form of dwarfism, has made fans consistently dive into her personal life, including details about her new parents.

Natalia Grace, who was born in Ukraine in 2001, faced a distressing turn of events when she was adopted by an American family in 2010.

Sadly, she experienced abandonment. Just two years later, her adoptive parents claimed that Natalia was a legal adult.

Moreover, Natalia’s adoptive parents argued that she was not a child but rather an adult.

Later, in August 2023, a DNA test revealed an unforeseen truth contradicting Natalia’s officially modified age.

Thus, the search for new parents of Natalia Grace has significantly increased due to her popularity on social media.

Natalia Grace Age And How Was Her Early Life?

Natalia Grace Barnett’s early life has been filled with confusion and controversy surrounding her age.

She was born in Ukraine in 2001 and is currently 23 years old.

Meanwhile, she faced a complicated situation when she was adopted by an American family in 2010.

Natalia Grace in music class
Natalia Grace has her own Wikipedia page. (Source: Instagram)

Just 2 years later, the adoptive parents were saying Natalia was not a little girl but a grown-up pretending to be a child.

Meanwhile, in 2012, a court order changed her birth year from 2001 to 1989.

However, DNA analysis and an evaluation by an endocrinologist have all pointed towards Natalia being a child at the time of her adoption.

Additionally, the court and the adoptive parents also tested her dental records, which also showed she was just a child.

Moreover, turns out that all the tests say she was, and still is, a kid, not a grown-up, but still, the adoptive parents were not sure about it.

An endocrinologist who examined her estimated her age to be between 9 and 11 in 2010.

Natalia Grace mirror selfie
Natalia Grace’s Instagram account name is @tilly.0814. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, once again, a dentist reviewed her X-rays from 2011 and confirmed that she still had 12 baby teeth.

Moreover, Natalia has a rare form of dwarfism called Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenital.

She has consistently maintained that her adoptive parents mistreated her and that she was a child when they left her.

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Relationship Of Natalia Grace With Her New Parents 

After all the confusion and drama, Natalia Grace found new parents and a loving family in Antwon and Cynthia Mans.

Although the Mans family initially dropped a guardianship plea, they continued to care for Natalia.

They’re like her new mom and dad, and she talks about them in this show called Natalia Speaks.

Even before they officially adopted her, Natalia had already called them her parents.

Antwon and Cynthia Mans have other kids, and they say Natalia is just like any other kid in their home.

Natalia Grace in black shoes
Natalia Grace with The Mans Family. (Source: Instagram)

They even talk about a time when Natalia was a bit rough and bit another kid named Genesis.

But they say it’s all normal kid stuff and nothing dangerous.

In the show, Natalia apologizes for her early behavior and talks about how broken she felt when she first came to live with the Mans family.

Cynthia Mans also says they’ve corrected Natalia, and she’s never done any scary things like the Barnetts claimed.

However, in a surprising twist, the series’ final moments reveal a phone call from the Mans family, expressing concerns about Natalia’s behavior.

Through calls the producers in the last part of the show and says something is wrong with Natalia.

The Mans family even says Natalia has turned against them and is like stabbed them in the back.

And, even though the show was over, the producers added this shocking part to show how Natalia’s story keeps changing.

It’s like a rollercoaster of emotions, and who knows what will happen next in the life of Natalia Grace with her new parents.

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