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Is Brandon Rusin Nicky Champa New Boyfriend After Recent Breakup?

While winning over the hearts of many on TikTok, Nicky Champa has garnered a lot of fame and love. His admirers are wondering if Brandon Rusin is Nicky Champa new boyfriend, post his recent breakup.

Nicky Champa is a social media personality with a massive fan following, especially on his TikTok platform.

As of date, Nicky has amassed over 13.2 Million followers with over 537 Million likes across his videos.

Nicky was born in Dallas, Texas and grew up in New York. He subsequently studied acting at New York University but later dropped out.

Nicky is primarily also known for being openly gay. He got married to his 6-year-long boyfriend Pierre in 2022 and divorced in July 2023.

The couple is very popular on both TikTok as well as YouTube. They even have a channel named Nicky and Pierre, which they used to run together.

Given both their fan following, fans were left disheartened with their divorce. The new gossip in the town is Nicky Champa has a new boyfriend, and people are curious to know the truth.

Is Brandon Rusin Nicky Champa’s New Boyfriend After Recent Breakup?

With the massive fan following that Nicky Champa has, it is understandable that his fans and haters are both very interested in his boyfriend.

Although the previous relationship with Pierre was unsuccessful, fans are now speculating that he is already in another relationship.

The prime suspect of Nicky Champa’s new boyfriend is none other than Brandon Rusin.

Brandon Rusin is suspected to be Nicky Champa boyfriend.
Nicky Champa was dressed by Jeremy Scott and featured on the red carpet for the H&M x Moschino fashion show in 2018. (Source: Instagram)

Brandon Rusin is the Head of Entertainment at Kelsier Global, which is a marketing and consulting company.

Brandon, too, can be termed as a social media influencer, with him having amassed over 50k followers.

The reason for the recent uproar among fans is because of some pictures floating around on the internet, especially TikTok, where fans noticed Nicky Champa with Brandon.

These pictures have started the rumors that Brandon must be Nicky Champa’s boyfriend.

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What Is The Cheating Scandal Covering Nicky Champa?

The marital relationship between Nicky and his ex-husband Pierre only lasted 11 months, and this had both their fans questioning the reason.

Such a quick breakup always sparks rumors, and this relationship was no different. Both of them faced questions about cheating on their social media.

Nicky Champa and Brandon Rusin are yet to make an official statement.
Kelley Champa, the single mother of Nicky Champa, raised him all by herself. (Source: Instagram)

Nicky Champa recently came up with a video on his TikTok trying to address the hate in his comments section.

The fire towards Nicky Champa, though, primarily came as a video came up on TikTok claiming that Nicky was cheating on Pierre during their marriage.

The video shows photos of Nicky Champa and his rumored new boyfriend, Brandon, together.

It also shows the story of both posting stories on their Instagram stories at the same time in Milan.

However, many fans also pointed out the videos of them together in London and Ibiza as well.

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Is The Hatred After Breakup Coming Out Of Denial?

Both Nicky Champa and his rumored new boyfriend have denied the rumors of them being together.

The fact that Nicky appears upset and rude about these allegations at times has made both his and Pierre’s fans feel bad.

Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo in a bathroom stall
Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo have a 9-year age gap. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, it is not only Nicky who denies the allegations but also Brandon Rusin.

In a comment on Instagram, Brandon openly denied the questions of potential cheating.

A section of fans now have started believing the questions of cheating even more, with both Nicky and Brandon vehemently denying the rumors.

This section of fans thinks that if they were not cheating, they would not have to comment regarding this regularly and could have ignored the questions.

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One-Sided Hatred Towards Nicky Champa

One very noticeable fact after the breakup is that Nicky Champa is very vocal about the breakup.

Almost every other video of Nicky on his TikTok is about a breakup or how a breakup feels. On the other hand, Pierre is silent on this matter.

Nicky taking a selfie in a white shirt
Champa’s acting skills landed him roles in films and TV shows. (Source: Instagram)

With this, fans have started to believe that Nicky Champa is trying to direct hatred towards his ex-husband/boyfriend Pierre.

This situation has brought over a one-sided hatred towards Nicky, which he is not handling very well either.

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