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Parker Schnabel Net Worth: Career & Cars

Parker Schnabel, a professional gold miner, and TV personality hold a net worth of $10 million.

Famous for his appearance in Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush,” Parker has been working in the gold mining sector since he was 16.

Parker Schnabel was born to Roger and Nancy Schnabel on 22nd July 1994 in Haines, Alaska.

He grew up and was raised there along with his brother Payson Schnabel.

Parker Schnabel
Parker-Schnabel-Photo (Source: Instagram)

Parker started his gold mining career under the guidance of his late grandfather, John Schnabel.

When John Schnabel handed the family mine down to Parker, he took over the remains left by him and led a team of miners who were about twice his age.

Parker started working at the age of 16.

But he has been involved in his family’s gold mining business ever since he was only 5 years old.

It is said that he started operating heavy machines even before his feet could touch the pedals.

Parker Schnabel Quick Facts

Let’s find out some quick facts about Parker Schnabel:

Full Name Parker Russell Schnabel
Age  29 years old 
Date of Birth 22nd July 1994
Birthplace Haines, Alaska, USA
Father Roger Schnabel
Mother Nancy Schnabel
Sibling Payson Schnabel
Grandfather John Schnabel
Grandmother Erma Dire
Girlfriend Ashley Youle (ex-girlfriend)
Education Haines High School
Profession Gold Miner & TV Personality
Net Worth $10 million
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 60 kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Horoscope Cancer
Social Media Instagram



Last Updated   May, 2024

In addition to gold mining, Parker was also interested in basketball when he was young.

Surprisingly, Parker also played basketball for the school’s team.

He met his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Youle, in Australia and later invited her to North America.

She is a veterinary nurse by profession.

Ashley also appeared in the show “Gold Rush,” working alongside Parker in Klondike.

They broke up in December 2018 after two years of dating.

Parker Schnabel Income and Net Worth


Parker’s major income source is gold mining.

He has shown excellent performance as a gold miner as he keeps mining more and more gold each season.

Parker Schnabel’s crew gold mining records each season:

Gold Rush (Seasons) Gold (in ounces) Amount (Worth of the gold)
Season 2 34 ounces $55,000
Season 3 191 ounces N/A
Season 4 1,029 ounces $1.4 million
Season 5 2,538 ounces a little under $3 million
Season 6 3,372 ounces almost $3.5 million
Season 7 4,311 ounces a little over $5 million
Season 8 6,280 ounces $7.5 million
Season 9 7,427.25 ounces almost $9 million
Season 10 7,223 ounces $10.8 million
Season 11 7,504.9 ounces N/A

Parker kept on successively mining more and more amounts of gold each season.

This definitely tells us about his skills as a professional gold miner and his ability to lead his crew towards success.

However, Parker doesn’t take home the entire amount earned through gold mining.

Instead, a huge portion of the earnings is invested in buying new equipment to improve the crew’s mining operations.

Similarly, the salaries and bonuses of the crew members are also paid from those earnings.

Parker’s other source of income is from his appearance on the TV show “Gold Rush.”

According to a source, Parker is paid $25,000 per month for his appearance in Discovery Channel’s Reality TV show, “Gold Rush.”

This means he makes $300 thousand per year from the reality show.

Net Worth

Among his colleagues in the TV show “Gold Rush,” Parker was ranked the second richest cast with a net worth of $10 million.

Parker started working at a young age and has proven to succeed in finding huge amounts of gold each season.

This may be why he has already accumulated enough wealth to be ranked as the second richest member in the show “Gold Rush.”

Tony Beets was ranked first in terms of wealth among the cast members of “Gold Rush.”

Parker Schnabel House & Cars

Parker Schnabel earns a hefty sum of money, as mentioned above.

However, he is not the type of person who spends all his income on luxurious properties like houses or cars.

Instead, he tries to reinvest the money he earns to improve the quality of their operation and upgrade his crew’s working environment.

In an interview with Maxim, Parker revealed that even though his crew had earned a fair amount of money (that season), he was planning to use the money on new equipment for better operations.

Moreover, he said that he doesn’t own fancy cars or fancy houses or boats, but he invests huge amounts of money in his operations.

This manifests his passion and love for gold mining.


Parker bought his dream house worth $950,000 in Alaska. It is a mansion spread across a large area with all modern facilities accessible.


There is no precise data available about the type of car Parker owns.

Parker Schnabel Lifestyle and Vacations


Parker comes from a quite well-off family as his grandfather and father ran a gold mine, and he earns a decent amount of money.

Although there are no specific details about his lifestyle revealed in the media, we assume that he has a prosperous way of life.

Despite possessing abundant wealth, Parker is not interested in living a fancy lifestyle with luxury houses and branded cars.

He is usually seen wearing common attires in the show too.

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Parker usually spends his free time after the season ends at his home. He goes hunting with his dad in November.

He also travels around the world when he is resting. Parker has been to Australia twice for vacations.

Parker Schnabel Charity

There is no specific news in the media about Parker Schnabel’s charity activities.

There are no charity donations made by Parker known to the public.

He used his social media platforms to increase awareness about the Discovery channel’s donation program to help UNICEF USA deliver 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the needy population.

Parker Schnabel Career

Gold Mining

Parker Schnabel started mining at a very young age, following his grandfather, John Schnabel.

John Schnabel had first started gold mining as a way to stay active, as suggested by his doctor.

He had bought the Big Nugget Mine (Porcupine Creek, Alaska) in 1984.

Gold Rush

Parker Schnabel is one of the most prominent members of the Discovery channel’s reality show “Gold Rush,” featuring multiple mining crews on the journey to find gold amidst numerous challenges.

In the show’s second season, Parker took over his family’s Big Nugget Mine operations at the age of 16.

At the same time, Parker had accumulated 35 oz of gold worth $55,000.

Parker had originally planned to major in geology or mining studies at college. But, he decided to use his college funds to invest in his operations.

From then on, Parker continued achieving higher streaks of success each season.

In 2017, he had already found more than $13 million worth of gold since he first started mining.

Besides, Parker also starred in spin-off series for the show, namely “Gold Rush: The Dirt” and “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.

3 facts about Parker Schnabel

  • Parker Schnabel also worked as a producer for all the three shows he starred in “Gold Rush,” “Gold Rush: The Dirt,” and “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.”
  • During the fourth season of “Gold Rush,” Parker had decided to explore other mines away from his family mine.
  • Parker was rumored to be dating Sheena Cowell, an assistant producer for the show, in 2019.


What is Parker Schnabel’s age?

Parker Schnabel will turn 29 years old in 2021 as he was born on July 22, 1994.

Who is Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend?

Parker Schnabel had dated Ashley Youle, who is an Australian veterinary nurse.

The couple split up two years after they had started dating in December 2018.

What is the “Gold Rush” cast, Parker Schnabel’s net worth?

As of 2024, Parker Schnabel’s net worth stands at $10 million.



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