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Philipp Von Bernstorff Wikipedia: Meet CNN Journalist Husband

Meet Philipp Von Bernstorff, a former TV producer and fund manager who has been in the limelight as Clarissa Ward’s husband. His remarkable career and status have left fans intrigued about the Wikipedia of Philipp Von Bernstorff.

Philipp Von Bernstorff is a private individual who shies away from the limelight of the social world. He is a man wholly dedicated to his career and family.

Hailing from Germany, Philipp is now in his 40s and proudly identifies as a German. However, his exact birthdate remains a mystery.

Throughout his professional journey, he’s carved a path of success as a prosperous businessman and entrepreneur.

Despite not being a prominent figure on social media, his spouse, Clarissa, has been entrenched in journalism since 2006.

She fearlessly covers stories from places few dare to tread, bringing vital news to the public.

Thus, Clarissa’s illustrious career and the unwavering support of her husband raise curiosity about the Wikipedia presence of Philipp Von Bernstorff.

The Fund Manager Philipp Von Bernstorff Wikipedia

For the curious people on whether Philipp Von Bernstorff is active on Wikipedia, the answer is no.

Even if Philipp has made significant contributions in the finance and business sectors, Wikipedia still seems to be away from acknowledging him.

Meanwhile, Philipp Von Bernstorff has also managed to keep his profile relatively low-key.

However, his professional endeavors and significant contributions in the finance and business sectors are famous. He actively strives for success in his life’s journey.

The family of The Fund Manager Philipp Von Bernstorff that support him.
The family of The Fund Manager, Philipp Von Bernstorff, supports him. (Source: Yahoo)

Notably, his LinkedIn profile indicates his tenure as the funds manager at Artradis Fund Management from 2009 to 2012.

Subsequently, he ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing his own company, Vulpes Investment Management, in Singapore, where he took on the role of Portfolio Manager.

Despite his long-standing presence in the business industry, Philipp found time to build a loving relationship with Clarissa. 

This became a subject of public interest due to their remarkable support and care for each other.

Also, this is why people are curious about the married life and kids of the Philipp Von Bernstorff and Clarissa couple, making them search for his Wikipedia, which is absent.

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Philipp Von Bernstorff And Clarissa Are the Parents of Three Kids

Philipp and Clarissa have shared a marital bond since 2016, and their journey as a family began with the introduction at a Moscow dinner party in 2007.

Over a decade, their relationship blossomed, leading to a union at London’s Chelsea Old Town Hall on November 16, 2016.

Their love has brought forth three beautiful children: Ezra and Caspar.

The day when Philipp Von Bernstorff became the husband of Journalist Clarissa Ward.
The day when Philipp Von Bernstorff became the husband of Journalist Clarissa Ward. (Source: Instagram)

Their newest addition, Iggy, was born on May 23, 2023, with the full name Inigo Alexander Rumi Grainger Graf von Bemstorff-Wotersen.

The spotlight currently shines on Clarissa Ward, Philipp’s wife and an accomplished professional in her own right.

She is the CNN chief international correspondent and a dedicated mother of three.

Her investigative prowess and commitment to bringing the world’s events to light are truly remarkable.

Notably, even during her pregnancy, she fearlessly reported from the front lines of the war in Ukraine, spending over twelve weeks covering the news.

Her unwavering dedication to the welfare of the Ukrainian people is commendable.

The newborn baby of Clarssia Ward and Philipp Von Bernstorff.
The newborn baby of Clarissa Ward and Philipp Von Bernstorff. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, as the family eagerly welcomed their newest member, Clarissa expressed her excitement, saying,

Our whole family is beyond excited for the new addition.

This narrative not only highlights the journey of Philipp and Clarissa as a couple and their growing family but also underscores Clarissa’s remarkable achievements. 

And her unyielding commitment to her profession, even in the face of adversity.

Clarissa’s unwavering dedication to her profession, despite challenges, piques her curiosity, earning her a Wikipedia page.

Philip, her supporting husband in the future, might get a spot for his business work and might see the Wikipedia of Philipp Von Bernstorff.

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