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Is Bitconned Actor Ray Trapani Wife Kimberly Costanzo?

Ray Trapani is a name currently trending on the internet for a Netflix documentary based on him. After the Bitconned release, many netizens became curious about the personal details of Ray Trapani, including whether he married his wife while on bail.

Ray Trapani is the co-founder of a now infamous company, Centra Tech.

Through the company Centra Tech, Ray claimed to have made a technology that could connect commerce and cryptocurrencies.

After convincing and making many people to invest in his company, the whole scheme of the company turned out to be a scam.

The revelations made the investors file various charges against him, which led to his arrest.

Later, Ray admitted guilt and was sentenced to three years in jail alongside a hefty fine.

Currently, he is in the headlines for a Netflix documentary featuring him called Bitconned.

After the release of Bitconned many people are wondering about the personal life of Ray Trapani and whether he has a wife.

Ray Trapani: From Ankle Bracelets to Wedding Bells With Wife Kimberly Costanzo

Ray has been extremely vocal about his involvement in Centra Tech but has hardly spoken about his personal life.

What we know is Ray met Kimberly Marie Costanzo while he was out of custody after receiving bail.

He calls her ‘Kim’ for short, and she is also widely known as Kimberly Costanzo.

ray Trapani netflix
Many praise Ray Trapani for being vocal and apologetic about his previous choices in the Netflix documentary. (Source: Twitter)

Ray met Kimberly in the year 2021. He was out of jail but still had an ankle bracelet on him.

Those ankle bracelets were for law enforcement to ensure he did not escape or run away from the given parameters.

Well, it appears that Ray did not intend to do that.

Many reports suggest that Ray Trapani proposed to Kimberly Costanzo to be his wife after meeting her for a month.

Kimberly Costanzo was already pregnant with Ray’s baby by that time.

Ray Trapani wiki
Ray Trapani is also actively working on spreading awareness about the proper ways to deal with cryptocurrencies. (Source: Twitter)

The couple allegedly said their vows in 2022, finally making it official.

They had a very private wedding, and very few people were there for the occasion.

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Ray Trapani’s Life Twists: New Beginnings With Liam, Uncertain Paths With Kimberly Costanzo

Ray Trapani lived a completely different life after meeting his wife, Kimberly Costanzo.

Coincidentally, Ray’s baby was born on the same day as his sentencing.

He did not get to be there with his wife, Kimberly Costanzo, during the birth.

She gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and Ray saw him later on a video call.

Ray Trapani wife
Ray Trapani has a very interesting personality, which shows why so many people fell for the scam. (Source: Twitter)

Ray Trapani and wife Kimberly Costanzo chose the name ‘Liam’ for their newborn.

It has already been almost three years, and we do not know whether Ray Trapani and his wife Kimberly are still together.

Some of the reports online suggest that the couple has now parted ways.

There is no mention of his wife, Kimberly Costanzo, in the Netflix documentary Bitconned.

Maybe Ray wants to keep the details about his family private so that no one can attack them online.

People’s opinions on Ray are very divided, so it may be why he keeps quiet about his wife and son for now.

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