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Roller Skater Falls Off Stage Video: Who Is Super Bowl Buzz Girl?

The halftime performance of the R&B sensation Usher had everyone mesmerized in the highly anticipated Super Bowl 2024. However, a video where a roller skater falls off stage during Usher’s performance took over YouTube as fans searched for the truth.

Usher Raymond IV, famous by the stage name Usher, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor born on October 14, 1978.

He rose to fame after his self-titled debut album, Usher, and its single hit You Make Me Wanna took over Billboard charts in the 1990s.

Subsequently, Usher gave non-stop hit albums, including My Way, 8701, Confessions, and Here I Stand.

Thanks to his prominence in the singing, Usher had a chance to perform in the Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show.

However, Usher’s “honor of a lifetime” raised another buzz about a roller skater who falls off the stage during the show, making fans search for the video online.

So, did someone fall off the stage during Usher’s performance? News sites have that the rumor is false. Let’s find out!

Roller Skater Falls Off Stage Video: A Part Of Super Bowl Buzz

The Super Bowl LVIII, held on February 12, 2024, had its share of rumors and controversy, starting from Taylor Swift to Usher.

One of the most highlighted ones was the marriage announcement of Usher with Jennifer, which took over the headlines.

Following that, Usher had a role in another news, causing a stir online.

It was after fans enjoyed the grand presentation of Usher, Alicia Keys, H.E.R., and Jermaine Dupri.

Usher and Alicia Keys performing together
Alicia Keys was the first to join Usher during his Super Bowl performance. (Source: New York Times)

The skate performance of Usher in a glittering black-and-blue motorcycling get-up with Ludacris took over the stage.

However, during the live performance, the eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that Usher almost had a slip in his roller skate.

Not until fans left the Allegiant Stadium that rumors started circulating that Usher fell off on stage.

Those unaware of the live performance started searching for the roller skater who falls off the stage video, believing it to be Usher.

However, to the relief, it wasn’t Usher who fell off the stage; neither were the other backup dancers.

But to our surprise, a girl came up in TikTok and claimed to be the one who fell off the stage during Usher’s performance in roller skate.

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Girl Claims To Have Hurt Her Eyes: Roller Skater Falls Off Stage Video

A girl named Louisa Melcher posted a video on TikTok on February 13, the day after the Super Bowl, claiming to be the roller skater who fell off the stage.

Her looks, with red and swollen eyes, and her claim to be the girl had everyone taken aback.

Louisa seemed adamant about her words as she said,

It’s me I am the roller skater who fell off the stage during Usher’s halftime show. Umm I’ve been seeing all you guys memes and I just figured it was time to come on here and tell you guys that I did survive….

A girl smiling with a red eye with the claims to be the roller skater who falls off the stage
The girl claiming to have hurt her eyes does not seem true.

Many quickly believed her words and empathized with the accident, stating they recognized her from the show.

However, most comments on the video were wild and claimed she had good makeup skills.

Some asked Louisa to prove her words by posting videos. Meanwhile, some had another story about someone falling off the pole and not a roller skate.

Nevertheless, believing words based on a TikTok video is not what anyone should do.

If any incident did occur during the Super Bowl, the officials would have taken it seriously and provided timely medical help.

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