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Rosa Peral Wikipedia And Age: Burning Body Miniseries Explained

Netflix recently launched a mini-series inspired by the real-life story of Rosa Peral. Curious about what unfolded in her life? While Rosa Peral Wikipedia page does not exist as of now, we’ve got you covered.

Rosa Peral is a former police officer in Spain. She found herself caught in a sad story resulting from an unfortunate love life.

At first, Rosa’s life was full of hope as she had a family with her first boyfriend, Ruben, and they happily had two lovely daughters.

But as time went on, their relationship got worse, and sadly they separated. This separation was the beginning of a tough time in Rosa’s life.

Her complicated life was later turned into a mini-series named Burning Bodies by Netflix, which we will be explaining briefly through the article.

Rosa Peral Wikipedia And Age: Story Of Romance & Revenge

There is no Rosa Peral Wikipedia as of now, but according to an article, Rosa Peral’s birthdate falls between 1980 and 1990, making her currently 33 to 43 years old.

After the separation from Ruben, Rosa started working alongside a man named Albert in the police force, and they quickly fell in love.

However, Rosa’s romantic involvement did not stop there.

Rosa Peral Netflix
Picture from the Rosa Peral-inspired Netflix show Burning Body released. (Source: Instagram)

She became romantically involved with other people, creating complicated situations that made her life even more tricky.

A very important moment in Rosa’s life was when she decided to end her relationship with Oscar, another fellow police officer with whom she had an affair.

In an act of revenge, Oscar decided to hurt Rosa by sharing private pictures of her without her consent.

The consequences of this revengeful act were devastating for Rosa.

It started damaging her reputation, which led to her friends and colleagues distancing from her.

So, the netizens are now searching for Rosa Peral Wikipedia page to get in-depth story coverage.

Burning Bodies: Fear, Desperation & Shocking Turn of Events

Rosa’s relationship with Albert, which she was so much hopeful about, turned into a harmful one.

She desperately wanted to end the relationship but was unable to because of her fear.

As she continued living through her toxic relationships, she met another police officer named Pedro.

Rosa Peral Wikipedia
Rosa Peral with Pedro before the unfortunate event took place. (Source: YouTube)

Rosa believed that Pedro was the only person who genuinely respected, listened to, and got her.

Pedro was quite the opposite of Albert. He was fixated on harming Pedro after he learned about their relationship.

In 2017, a shocking and terrible event unfolded. Pedro Rodríguez’s body was discovered inside a car that had been intentionally set on fire.

The intense flames had caused extreme damage to the body.

It was impossible to identify the victim, initially making it seem like a tragic accident.

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Complex Love Triangle Unveiled in Rosa Peral’s Murder Case

However, after a thorough investigation, it was revealed that Rosa Peral and Albert Lopez could have been involved.

Rosa was eventually found guilty of being involved in Pedro’s murder and received a 25-year prison sentence.

Rosa Peral court
Rosa Peral in court as she awaits the trial. (Source: El Pais)

In the documentary Rosa Peral’s Tapes, Rosa strongly insists that she is innocent and points to Albert as the real person responsible for the crime.

Albert, on the other hand, claims that Rosa was the one who led the murder.

The documentary also shows how the media focused heavily on Rosa’s personal life and romantic history during the trial.

Today, Rosa Peral is still in prison despite her efforts for her release.

Let’s hope that if Rosa Peral gets another trial, the Rosa Peral Wikipedia will be filled with the story of justice.

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