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Ryland And Ross Lynch Allegations Of Fooling Around With Minors!

The brothers, Ryland and Ross Lynch, were caught up in allegations as fans had many questions about their relationship.

Ross Shor Lynch, aka Ross Lynch, is a 27-year-old American actor, singer and musician.

He rose to recognition for his debut role on Disney Channel’s comedy television series Austin & Ally.

Further, between 2018 and 2020, Ross starred in the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

He has also starred in many famous movies, including My Friend Dahmer, where he played the serial killer role.

Ross was also a lead vocalist of the pop rock band R5, managed by his younger brother Ryland.

Moreover, Ryland was also a series regular in the Nickelodeon show The Fresh Beat Band.

However, recently, both Ross Lynch and Ryland have been in the spotlight after allegations regarding their relationships.

Allegations On Ryland And Ross Lynch: Fooling Around With Underage Girls!

Recently, online users flamed Ross Lynch and Ryland for their allegations and relationship with minors.

These accusations started spreading on Twitter in early 2023.

The brothers are in their late 20s, and fans find it amusing to see them hanging out with minors backstage.

Further, many girls came out with personal experiences with the Lynch brothers.

Ross Lynch with his friends
Ross Lynch has had many rumors related to his dating. (Source: Twitter)

Even while Ross Lynch was dating Jaz Sinclair, the allegations persisted about his cheating.

During his relationship, someone caught Ross holding hands with a girl backstage after his show.

Meanwhile, Ross started dating Jaz when she was fresh out of high school, which people always found unusual.

Moreover, in many instances, Ross and Ryland were both traveling with 18-year-old girls.

In addition, posts on Instagram and Snapchat by minors are what fueled the allegations against Ross Lynch.

Many noticed the Lynch brothers partying and drinking with underage girls.

Ross Lynch with his brothers
Ross and Ryland travel with many girls during tours. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Ryland tends to go for younger girls and often flirts with his 16-year-old fans.

The brother also follows a lot of underage girls on his social handles.

Moreover, there are pictures of Ryland kissing a girl who was only 19 at a party. The Lynch brother’s fans exposed all of the incidents as inappropriate.

Also, many text chains and pictures back up these allegations, which were posted on Twitter.

This made Rayland and Ross a trending subject, opening up Twitter users’ discussions.

Further, as the singer has a fanbase of primarily young girls, many have criticized the actions of Ross Lynch and Rayland.

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The Lynch Brothers: Other Controversies And Rumors

As a famous personality, Ross Lynch has always been the center of many controversies and rumors.

Not long ago, Ross blew up online after someone allegedly leaked his nudes.

However, the singer used this rumor to his promotional advantage for his single Feel You Now.

Ross Lynch mirror selfie
Ross rose to fame with a comedy T.V. series. (Source: Instagram)

Further, many rumors have existed about Ross Lynch and his sexual preferences.

Many wondered if the actor was bisexual or gay after his statements in an interview.

But, there was no evidence to prove these speculations, and the news died as soon as it started.

Along with such rumors, Ross Lynch has had a bunch of rumors about him dating his costars.

It seems Ross can’t escape such speculations as he is seen with many actresses and models.

Ross waving at the camera
Ross received criticism after his role as Jeffery Dahmer. (Source: Instagram)

Further, he was also the center of attention after his role as the infamous serial killer, Jeffery Dahmer.

Despite the show’s success, Ross Lynch received mixed reviews, with most being negative.

Moreover, the families of the killer’s victims criticized the show and Ross for such a series.

Regardless of hate and controversies, Ross Lynch remains an influential person in the entertainment industry.

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