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What Happened To Sean Scott Hicks Son Chase Hicks?

Since the podcast clip of a conversation between James English and Sean Scott Hicks went viral, people are getting more curious to know about the details as it concerned his son.

On December 4, 2023, the Anything Goes With James English YouTube channel uploaded a new podcast with Sean Scott Hicks that went viral on the internet. 

Sean Scott Hicks (52 years old) is a famous American actor, writer, producer, entrepreneur, real estate developer, and criminal consultant.

However, his lifestyle and career in the past were not the same as now.

In the past, he used to do illegal work like robbery, kidnapping, conspiracy, and others, for which he also went to prison multiple times.

So, on the podcast, Hicks talks about his past dark and scary life experiences, which he has revealed in his new memoir The Devil to Pay: A Mobster’s Road to Perdition.

During the conversation, Sean Scott Hicks gets very emotional when he reveals that his son Chase Hicks is following in his footsteps.

What Happened To Sean Scott Hicks Son Chase Hicks? Past Experience

Sean Scott Hicks, born into the most notorious crime family in history, The Winter Hill Gang, had a rough childhood.

As he grew up in a family where most of them were gangsters, he, too, chose the same path.

Thus, Hicks spent most of his life in prison for shooting in South Boston of two Chinese gangsters.

Sean Scott Hicks in his car
Sean Scott Hicks was born into a gangster family. (Source: Instagram)

Later, in 2020, after almost 20 years of a rough life in prison, he finally came out to start his new peaceful life.

However, it seems Sean Scott Hicks has some regrets as his son Chase Hicks murders someone to be just like him.

In the recent podcast with James English, Hicks talks about his son and gets very emotional.

In the video, his eyes are full of tears as he blames himself for what his son committed.

Hicks was already on the path of reformation by working very hard to improve himself.

However, Sean Scott Hicks could not save his son to choose the wrong path, which kills him from the inside.

Sean Scott Hicks taking selfie with his wife Charlene Hicks
Sean Scott Hicks married his wife on September 12. (Source: Instagram)

So, in his new memoir, The Devil to Pay, released on March 23, 2024, he shares his tragic life experiences.

It inspires people struggling to get out of the dark and insidious places of the world.

It shows how it feels to live in the dangerous dark side of the world and how much effort and time it takes for a person to climb out.

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Sean Scott Hicks Family Background

Sean Scott Hicks was born on September 10, 1971, in Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA. 

His mother, Constance Elaine Hicks, was a drug addict. On the other hand, he never met his biological father. 

Meanwhile, there is also no information available about his siblings.

Sean Scott Hicks married his girlfriend Charlene Hicks
Sean Scott Hicks has spent almost 20 years of his life in prison. (Source: Instagram)

Taking about his personal life, Sean Scott Hicks married his long-term girlfriend, Charlene Hicks, on September 12. However, the exact year remains a secret.

Likewise, the couple also shares a daughter, Asia, who might be 2 -3 years old.

Similarly, it looks like Hicks also has a lovely stepdaughter Makenzie as mentioned by him in an Instagram post.

However, the details on her mother and age remain a secret as Sean Scott Hicks is private about his personal life.

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