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Who Are Sergio Carrallo Parents? Father And Mother Violep64 On Instagram

Sergio Carrallo has been getting a lot of attention lately, and as such, many are also interested in knowing about his parents. Find more about it further down the article.

Sergio Carrallo is a well-known figure from Madrid, Spain. He is a versatile individual with roles ranging from businessman to former soccer player to entrepreneur.

He began his soccer journey in 2012 and eventually retired in 2018.

It was when he played for Real Madrid as an attacker that his fame started to grow.

Today, he has transitioned into a thriving businessperson and a familiar face on television.

His entry into the spotlight came in June 2022 when he and his wife, Caroline Stanbury, appeared on the reality TV show The Real Housewives of Dubai.

So, many viewers and fans alike have become interested in knowing about the parents of Sergio Carrallo.

Who Are Sergio Carrallo Parents? Father And Mother Violep64 On Instagram

Although Sergio Carrallo is getting more and more popular, he has actually kept his personal life quite low.

As such, there are not many details on the parents of Sergio Carrallo, like their real name, what they do, and so on.

He did tag his mother on one of his Instagram posts, so we know that her Instagram handle is Violep64.

She has posted only 4 posts on her Instagram account, indicating that she is a private person and likes to be away from social media and the whole spotlight in general.

Sergio Carrallo with his mother
Sergio Carrallo’s parents worried about him before his marriage. (Source: Instagram)

However, the account is currently set to private, so it doesn’t provide any additional information.

Similarly, there’s not much mention of Sergio’s father as well.

However, there was one time when Caroline shared with The Daily Mail that Sergio’s father had the impression that she was a “crazy old woman” with unusual intentions of only wanting her son for sex.

Additionally, Sergio disclosed to the newspaper that his dad offered a substantial sum of money, or anything he desired, to convince him to leave Caroline.

Sergio’s mother was also worried that he wouldn’t be able to build a family with Caroline.

But the parents of Sergio Carrallo seem to have warmed up to her now.

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Sergio Carrallo Is A Married Man And A Stepfather

Although Sergio is 18 years younger than Caroline, their age difference hasn’t hindered their deep love for each other.

They first crossed paths in the United States earlier in 2020.

When the coronavirus pandemic began, Sergio chose to move to Dubai to be with Caroline.

He proposed to Caroline in early January of 2021 during their holiday trip to Nepal.

Following their engagement, they legally tied the knot in Mauritius before returning to Dubai for their official wedding.

Sergio Carrallo in a marriage ceremony
Sergio Carrallo proposed to his wife, Caroline Stanbury, in the Gosaikunda Lake in Nepal. (Source: Instagram)

At the time, the United Arab Emirates did not recognize interfaith marriages, which posed a challenge for the couple due to their different faiths—Caroline is Jewish, and Sergio is Catholic.

So, they opted to have their wedding elsewhere to avoid any legal complexities.

The couple held their wedding at Raffles The Palm, a resort in Dubai, the following month.

Some of their co-stars from the reality TV show Ladies of London, along with their family and friends, attended the wedding.

After the marriage, Sergio became the stepfather to 3 children whom Caroline gave birth to with her ex-husband Cem Habib.

Sergio’s stepchildren are a daughter named Yasmine and twin sons Zac and Aaron Habib.

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