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Political Strategist Shermichael Singleton Wikipedia: Wife Nhiya Marie

Shermichael Singleton is making headlines after former President Donald Trump fired him from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, let’s get to know his Wikipedia.

Shermichael Singleton is a famous name in the world of politics. He is currently 32 years old and has many accomplishments in his career.

Not only is he well-known for his writing and political commentary, but he also works as an advisor for the Republican Party.

His firing from the position of deputy Chief of Staff has created a buzz on the internet.

Shermichael Singleton has been a hot topic among political enthusiasts, and his Wikipedia is also trending.

From Enthusiastic Student To Political Expert: Shermichael Singleton Wikipedia

Shermichael was always a very entrenched kid regarding everything related to politics.

However, his official journey in the world of politics began after he joined Morehouse College to study political science.

After completing his political science degree, Shermichael studied at another university called the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

He studied government and politics there, which deepened his knowledge about the subject even more.

Shermichael Singleton Wikipedia
The Wikipedia of Shermichael Singleton keeps expanding with more and more achievements each year. (Source: Twitter)

After completing his studies, he immediately had a very impressive start to his career.

Shermichael worked for various presidential campaigns for people like Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Dr. Ben Carson.

Shermichael is known for managing campaigns and reaching out to young people through his unique ways.

Not only did he arrange campaigns and form many faith groups for these people, but he also was responsible for researching their opposition.

Shermichael’s efforts for society go way beyond politics; he is also part of a known non-profit organization.

The organization is called Lauren’s Kids, and it actively works to spread awareness about child sexual abuse.

Shermichael Singleton Wiki
It’s amazing how Shermichael seems to be managing both his political and personal life. (Source: Twitter)

After working with Dr. Ben Carson for a long time, Shermichael was appointed as his communication director.

This was a big thing for his career because it later led him to get his appointment at HUD.

Currently, Shermichael works as a political analyst for big news companies like CNN and MSNBC.

Despite such accomplishment, Shermichael Singleton is yet to have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

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Shermichael Singleton’s Impact On SES And Personal Life With Nhiya Marie

The list goes on and on about Shermichael’s achievements.

He is among the 10 African American Senior Executive Service (SES) appointees and the youngest.

Shermichael was also the one to found the College Republican Chapter while he was studying at Morehouse College.

There, he played a very important role in arranging important events regarding race, politics, and religion.

Shermichael Singleton wife
Shermichael Singleton and Nhiya make such a beautiful pair. (Source: Instagram)

Now, talking about his personal life, he seems to have lucked out even on it.

He has a very public relationship with a model named Nhiya Marie.

Many people believe that Nhiya is Shremichael’s wife, but the couple has no online confirmation.

Nhiya is also a woman with a high education; she went to Howard University, where she earned a marketing and business degree.

The couple has been dating each other for more than five years.

They often share pictures, celebrating their relationship on their social media.

Shermichael and Nhiya are still together, and the relationship seems to blossom with time.

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