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Sloan Mattingly Parents: Father Jason & Mother Therese Mattingly

The tragic incident that occurred on the Florida beach caused the death of a 7-year-old child named Sloan Mattingly, who had gone to enjoy on the beach with her parents. Now, many are getting concerned about her parent’s condition after her death.

Sloan Mattingly is a 7-year-old girl from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

She was a bright, loving first-grade student at Meadows Elementary School in Roanoke, Indiana.

Along with her family, she was enjoying her vacation in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea in Florida.

The unfortunate incident that took place at the Florida beach on February 22, 2024, made the headlines because of the death of Sloan Mattingly.

Follow the article to learn more about the incident and the parents of Sloan Mattingly.

Parents Of Sloan Mattingly: Father Jason And Mother Therese Mattingly

Sloan Matting was the youngest child and only daughter to her parents, Jason Mattingly and Therese Mattingly.

She also had a 9-year-old brother named Maddox Mattingly, who was also a victim in an incident.

However, after the incident, her brother Maddox Mattingly was hospitalized and discharged in stable condition.

Unfortunately, her parents failed to save the life of their daughter Sloan Mattingly.

Further, Sloan’s father confirmed that she was 7 years old, clarifying the initial information made by Broward police saying she was five years old.

Sloan Mattingly with her father.
Sloan Mattingly was a brilliant student and was appreciated by her teachers at school. (Source: Dailymail)

Mattingly’s family received an outpouring of support from their community following Sloan’s death.

The family shared a photo of Sloan on social media and paid tribute to her in a heartfelt message.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident as the parents of Sloan Mattingly have requested privacy amidst the tragic event.

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How Did The Incident Take Place? Full Details

Sloan Mattingly is a young girl who lost her life trapped in a sand hole in a Florida beach.

The witnesses mention that Sloan and her brother were digging a hole in the sand that collapsed on top of them.

Some sources stated that the hole was 5 to 6 feet deep when the collapse happened.

Fort Lauderdale lacks lifeguards at its beach, resulting in no immediate help available.

Sloan Matting with her brother.
Sloan Mattingly’s father confirmed her age after the Broward officials stated the age was false. (Source: Dailymail)

The cell phone footage circulated on social media where the crowd of desperate beachgoers started to dig them out.

Furthermore, some tried to hold the walls back to prevent more sand from collapsing.

Despite their efforts, supporting the trapped children was hard for the beachgoers.

In the 911 audio call recording, the background voices addressed the situation of the place, stating:

There is a little girl buried under the sand and they have not got to her yet.

Also followed by another audio recording stating:

There is a whole circle of men trying to dig, digging the sand.

The first deputies arrived after four minutes with paramedics and firefighters.

The spokesperson from the fire rescue department said the rescue crew used shovels to dig the hole but found the girl had no pulse.

According to officials, Sloan was buried in the hole for approximately 20 minutes.

The paramedics took Sloan to Broward Health Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, where she was declared dead.

However, according to some sources, her brother Maddox Mattingly survived the incident and is recovering.

Parents of Sloan Mattingly, Jason, and Therese gave tribute to their daughter while her mother spoke about the incident and said:


A freak accident happened yesterday while we are here on vacation and it took away our greatest 7.5 years. Don’t tell us you’re sorry for our loss…don’t do that to us. We experienced the purest human being and we are forever changed by her.

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