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Is Youtuber Sneako Gay? Gender And Sexuality Revealed

The controversial statement of YouTuber Sneako on the LGBTQ community has led to various debates on gender and sexuality, while some are wondering if Sneako is Gay. Let’s find out!

Nicholas Kenn De Ballinthazy, mostly known as Sneako online, is a former YouTube broadcaster.

He became popular after creating gameplay commentary-related content videos on YouTube in 2013.

However, he later moved to vlogging, skits, public interviews, and anger rants.

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Amidst his popularity, YouTube permanently banned his channels for violating community guidelines.

Subsequently, he moved to the platform Rumble, where he continued to share his polarizing opinions.

Nevertheless, his popularity was tampered with by his constant controversies on gender, sex, race, and other divisive subjects.

Those controversies have led to speculation regarding the sexual orientation of Sneako, as there are rumors of him being gay on the internet.

Is Youtuber Sneako Gay? Gender And Sexuality Revealed

The doubt about gender identity and sexuality Sneako might be gay has been ongoing while he sparks controversy by sharing his personal views on the community.

However, there has been no proof that suggests Sneako is gay.

Similarly, Sneako has not confirmed or denied the rumors about him being gay.

He has been involved in several controversies due to his views on subjects such as feminism and beliefs perceived as woke.

Moreover, the LGBTQ community has heavily criticized Sneako for promoting anti-LGBTQ beliefs and regressive opinions on gender roles.

In one video, he said that gay people don’t produce anything good, resulting in accusations of homophobia.

He also cheated on his girlfriend in a recorded YouTube video, making much doubt to question the authenticity of his public persona.

Sneako in traditional dress of UAE.
Sneako has about 1.6 million followers on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Sneako has many times stated that there are only two genders. Many feminists and trans activists criticized that claim.

These controversies have been used to create rumors about Sneako’s sexuality and gender identity.

However, he has not openly talked about his personal life in this regard.

In light of his past behavior, let’s be mindful of such rumors and respect his privacy.

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Peek Into The Youtube Journey And Career Of Sneako

Sneako whose birth name is Nicolas Kenn De Balinthazy, was born in the US on the 8th September of 1998.

Although little is known about his early life and family, he has preferred to keep the details private despite his career as a public person.

Sneako started his social media presence in 2013, posting Call of Duty gameplay on YouTube.

At that point, he was just Sneako, and his content was mostly about his gaming skills and live commentary.

In the coming years, Sneako moved from vlogs to skits, interviews, and other real-world videos as his popularity continued to grow.

Sneako with Donald Trump.
Sneako’s net worth is estimated between $1-2 million. (Source: Instagram)

He also had his views about sociopolitical issues, which seemed unfiltered.

How People See You and Alpha Male Strategies videos drove him to the highest position among YouTubers.

Collaborations with MrBeast, podcast hosting, and a massive two-channel subscriber count validated his status in the YouTube society.

Nevertheless, the violations of platform rules resulted in permanent bans in 2022.

Despite Sneako being famous for airing out his thoughts on gender, race, politics, and so on, not much is known about his life before social media.

The lack of details hints at an obsessed gamer who used YouTube as a means and an unfiltered online commentator.

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