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UFC: Who Is Tanner Boser Wife Or Girlfriend Laine Alyssa? Family And Net Worth

Tanner Boser, “The Bulldozer,” is a Canadian professional MMA player. He doesn’t have a wife but has been dating his long-term girlfriend, Laine Alyssa, for a while now.

Boser currently competes in the heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is a two-time Unified MMA Heavyweight champion and has also formerly fought in other tournaments like M-1 global and King of the cage.

According to MMA World Rankings, Boser is currently ranked 36th as the Best Heavyweight MMA fighter.

Tanner Boser Wife Or Girlfriend: Who Is Laine Alyssa? 

Tanner Boser has been romantically involved with his girlfriend, Laine Alyssa, for a long time.

According to her Instagram bio, Laine is a mother and an animal lover. She maintains a private social media account. Therefore, much is unknown about her age, career, nationality, family, or other personal information.

tanner boser girlfriend Laine Alyssa
Tanner Boser with his girlfriend Laine Alyssa after winning a match (Source: Instagram)

Laine is a supportive girlfriend who often cheers Tanner on his match days.

Tanner and his girlfriend, Laine, have been together for 4 years and celebrate their anniversary on April 4.

Although other specific details and the history of their relationship are unknown, Tanner has always been public about his feelings for his girlfriend. He is often seen posting pictures of Laine with loving captions on his social media accounts.

Tanner and his girlfriend enjoy being in the countryside and often go on hikes together. Despite being together for a considerable amount of time, the couple is yet to turn their courtship into marriage.

The pair have a daughter together who appears to be around the age of 7-8 or in primary school. They are protective of their daughter’s privacy and have revealed very little about her. The family lives together in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Tanner Boser Family: 

Tanner Vilbon Nicholas Boser was born on August 2, 1991, in Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada. His father was an oil field worker who later worked his way up to management, and his mother was a gym owner.

Tanner has not revealed or posted much about his parents. However, in an interview with MMA Junkie, he revealed his mother’s influence on his fitness journey, saying, ” When I was a little fatty growing up, she (his mother) would make him get on the treadmill.”

The MMA fighter grew up around fitness due to his mother’s gym, where he and his friends first started training with little expertise or knowledge.

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Tanner Boser family
Tanner Boser with his brother Landon and other siblings at their house in Alberta, Canada. Source: Instagram

Tanner Boser with his brother Landon and other siblings at their house in Alberta, Canada. Source: Instagram[/caption]

He also has a brother named Landon, a jiu-jitsu teacher at High Energy gym. His brother also trained in karate and martial arts while growing up.

In one of his old Instagram posts, he revealed that his late grandmother was from Ukraine. However, it is not known whether his lineage is paternal or maternal.

Tanner Boser: Career Earnings And Net worth

On average, MMA fighters reportedly made $160,022 in 2021. According to SportsDaily, Tanner Boser’s estimated salary was $94,000 in 2021.

Tanner boser
Taner Boser with his championship belt after winning the Unified MMA Heavyweight Championship in 2019. (Source: Instagram)

However, this does not include money from pay-per-view cuts and other discretionary bonuses. The two-time heavyweight champion has won 19 out of 26 matches for which he received additional money besides his base pay.

In 2020, Tanner took home $24,000 (including a $12,000 win bonus) from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. Also, in the same year, he bagged a $50k Efficiency of the night bonus.

His primary source of income comes from matches and other bonuses. His other income sources include social media brand deals and sponsorships. However, the exact amount from these sources is not disclosed.

From his public appearances, he does not display his wealth much and is known to lead a relatively simple life.
Sunday, Tanner’s next match will be Sunday, September 17, 2022, against Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira, a Brazilian MMA fighter.



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