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Is Sophia Smith Tarzaned Girlfriend? Stardust From League of Legends

Tarzaned, a League of Legends esports personality, is in the limelight as rumors circulate about him and his elusive girlfriend. Let’s delve into his romantic life.

Julian Farokhian, aka Tarzaned, is a prominent and controversial figure in the online gaming community.

Although he is active on YouTube, he is more popular as a Twitch Streamer.

Over the years, he has garnered a huge fan base from around the globe through his gaming skills.

Besides his gaming prowess, netizens are often interested in his personal life, especially his girlfriend.

Recently, the buzz about Sophia as the girlfriend of Tarzaned has been spreading widely. Let’s delve into the truth!

Is Sophia Smith Tarzaned Girlfriend? The Truth!

Tarzaned, a prominent content creator and jungler in North America, is no stranger to controversies surrounding his love life.

The current rumor circulating suggests that he is romantically involved with Sophia Smith.

Tarzaned Girlfriend Sophia Smith
Sophia has made her Instagram private but she is quite active on X. (Source: Twitter)

To address the recent speculation: Is Tarzaned indeed in a relationship with Sophia Smith?

The answer is simply yes. Sophia Smith has been confirmed as the girlfriend of Tarzaned.

He publicly acknowledged his relationship by adding Sophia’s name to the bio section of his Instagram profile.

Likewise, she indicated their connection on her own profile bio using a heart emoji alongside his name.

Nevertheless, Tarzaned has refrained from sharing a complete image of his girlfriend on his social media accounts.

Even though specific details about Sophia have not been disclosed, her Twitter bio indicates that she hails from Mexico.

Tarzaned and his girlfriend on vacation in Canada
On July 1st, Tarzaned shared this picture with his girlfriend on vacation in Canada. (Source: Instagram)

Over the years, Tarzaned and Sophia have taken various vacations together, yet they have chosen not to post any of their travel pictures on social media.

Additionally, Sophia has made her Instagram account private.

In April, Tarzaned went to Japan with his girlfriend and shared the news with his followers.

Despite the beautiful couple’s limited activity on social media, they are frequently observed playing League of Legends together.

Moreover, Tarzaned has posted numerous videos of their gameplay on his YouTube channel.

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Tarzaned Face Reveal In 2018

Just like his girlfriend, Tarzaned once kept his face concealed, adding mystery surrounding his personal identity.

The streamer initially revealed his face to the folks through his Twitch stream back in 2018.

In a video titled “Tarzaned 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS – FACE REVEAL?” uploaded on his platform, he not only revealed his face but also shared some insights into his backstory.

Tarzaned posted a mirror selfie via Instagram
Tarzaned and Sophia play League of Legends together. ( Source: Instagram )

Before this face reveal, Tarzaned had set a condition in a tweet, stating that he would start streaming with a face cam once he reached 100k followers on Twitch and 100k subscribers on YouTube.

True to his word, upon hitting these milestones, he conducted a live stream where he presented his face to the audience.

Despite some initial awkwardness during his first face cam stream, he decided to incorporate it into his content.

While he occasionally uses face cam in his streams, it is not a regular feature.

Additionally, the event also garnered reactions from fellow streamers and viewers alike.

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