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Tony Hinchcliffe Father: The Famous Mafia Dad Everyone is Talking About

Tony Hinchcliffe, a comedian with dark and edgy humor, has spoken about his father on a podcast that took the internet by storm, buzzing with the audience eager to know about him.

With appearances on various shows like Comedy Central Present, Tony Hinchcliffe is loved by everyone.

Tony is a regular guest on Your Mom’s House and The HoneyDew podcasts.

Recently, he has again been to The HoneyDew podcast, sharing his upbringing and childhood memories.

There, he also spoke about his family and his father’s involvement in the MOB.

Tony Hinchcliffe said he was unaware of the mafia activities of his father until adulthood, which led netizens curious about him even more.

Tony Hinchcliffe Father: Famous Mafia Dad Everyone Is Talking About

Despite being a private person, in recent times, Tony Hinchcliff has been dropping a few infos here and there about his family.

He has shared his childhood and upbringing to the public via different podcasts.

In an interview with Rayan Sickler on the podcast The HoneyDew, Tony hinted at his father being linked to the MOB.

Nonetheless, he has also said that his mother was also a bookie in the podcast.

Furthermore, Tony Hinchcliffe accepted that his father was a mob boss and he was poor his whole life.

But nowadays Tony has earned his respect in the comedy world and with lots of money.

Tony added that, surprisingly, he was unaware of his father’s childhood activities.

Tony Hinchcliffe show
Because of his rough childhood, he chose insult comedy as his profession. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, he was all broke when he found that his biological father lived next street.

In one of his podcasts, he shares that his father impregnated her mother and left her with Tony in the womb.

Despite all his difficulties in childhood, he managed to succeed in the comedy world.

He also makes his father the subject of jokes in some of his comedy shows, making him talk about his parent.

Tony Hinchcliffe podcast
During his free time, he hosts a podcast, “Kill Tony”. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, his audience also hears stories about his father and his criminal exploits.

While people praise Tony for his honesty and authenticity, he is also about taboo subjects.

Tony Hinchcliffe, besides his father’s story, is willing to write his biography, which would likely be a best seller.

In the meanwhile, his stories about his dad and his link to the mafia are both funny and insightful.

Tony Hinchcliffe’s Crazy Childhood With Mafia Dad

Although Tony Hinchcliffe father being linked to the mafia had shaken the internet, he had a hard childhood.

According to Tony, his parents were not talking to each other because of his Italian father’s ethics and rules to the boss.

He also said that his mother had inspired his humor and comedy.

Tony Hinchcliffe’s siblings were not his real brothers or sisters, as they were from another father.

Tony Hinchcliffe on open mic
At the moment, his net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $1.5 million. (Source: Instagram)

But as he grew up, he inherited Hichcliffe from his mother’s other relations.

However, all his siblings grew up in Ohio, and his mother never discriminated against them.

Furthermore, during his starting days in comedy, he lived with his brother in a one-room apartment.

He rode a bicycle to all his open mic stages, where he performed and became famous as a stand-up comedian.

This hard time in Tony’s life has brought him a successful comedy career, and he gained millions of followers on his account.

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