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Who Are Singer Tyla Parents? Father, Mother & Family

Singer Tyla secures a Grammy for best African music performance, sparking widespread interest in her personal life, particularly details about her parents.

Tyla, also known as Tyla Laura Seethall, is a rising South African singer and songwriter quickly gaining international acclaim.

Born in Johannesburg to multiracial parents, including Indian, Zulu, Mauritian, and Irish, Tyla began her technical studies but eventually decided to pursue music full-time.

She signed with Epic Records in 2021 to release her debut single, Getting After the Success of Late, featuring Kooldrink.

Since then, Tyla has achieved successes, such as her first Billboard placement, showcasing the recognition of her unique musical style.

This distinctive blend encompasses Afrobeats, amapiano, house, Kwaito, R&B, and pop, reflecting her South African roots.

Tyla’s recent single, Water, has boosted her career as she gears up to drop her highly anticipated debut album.

Paving the way for a worldwide record deal, Tyla has sparked curiosity among her fans to know more about her personal life, including her parents.

Who Are Singer Tyla Parents? Father, Mother & Family

Despite keeping personal details private, Tyla’s parents, Sharleen and Sherwin Seethal, have heavily impacted her journey.

As the middle of five children, Tyla acknowledges her parents were initially against her musical dreams, trying to protect her from industry challenges for women.

However, they eventually offered crucial guidance and support after an emotional appeal.

Tyla emphasizes her gratitude-given obstacles in South Africa.

Her work has incorporated familial musical influences like Aaliyah, Boyz II Men, and Mi Casa.

singer Tyla
Tyla has stated that her dream is to become Africa’s first global pop star. (Source: Instagram)

She also highlights learning values and culture from her parents, which is evident in her diverse style.

Tyla’s parents facilitated a musically enriching childhood by playing various artists while she did chores and dancing with her sisters while making up holiday songs.

This nurtured her talents and helped convince her parents pursuing music professionally was worth the risk when they wavered.

Even through uncertainties, Tyla views her parents as her strongest advocates, giving her the chance to bring South African music to the world.

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Unveiling Water: International Breakthrough and Debut Album (2023–present)

The lead single, Water, off Tyla’s upcoming debut album, went viral on TikTok when she posted dance videos in August 2023.

Propelled by this exposure, Water entered the Billboard Hot 100 that October. This marked the chart’s first solo South African song since Hugh Masekela.

Tyla has actively promoted the track, including a December 2023 piano performance and securing an opening slot on Chris Brown’s 2024 European tour.

With Water already demonstrating her capabilities, Tyla eagerly anticipates sharing her debut album. She described it as coming “very soon” in a recent interview.

Tyla taking mirror selfie
Tyla is the home of women’s entertainment, showbiz news, lifestyle inspiration, and real-life stories. (Source: Instagram)

Tyla also desires to display her musical range beyond one hit so that fans recognize her as an artist.

Given her meticulous crafting of viral dances and piano covers, Tyla is tailoring her first full-length project to make a lasting global impression.

Having already landed her home country back on the Billboard charts, Tyla Laura Seethal seems destined for international stardom.

Her breakthrough single and upcoming album cements her as a face and voice of South African music.

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