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Vanna White Net Worth: Television Career & Lifestyle

Cheerful hostess of The Wheel of Fortune Vanna White Net worth is $70 Million.

Vanna is an American television personality who has been the hostess of the game show Wheel of Fortune since 1982.

Furthermore, she’s an actor, model as well as a former beauty pageant queen.

White is well-known for her flawless reveal of letters on the game board and her frequent applause in favor of each episode’s competitor.

Vanna White posing for pictures in her set(source: Pinterest)

She has a bright smile that livens up the show and makes it more engaging.

Vanna is a recipient of certificate from the Guinness book of world records for her frequent clapping.

Despite her youthful appearance, the lady is the mother of two children.

Vanna is also popular for her beautiful fashion picks and the attire she wears in each episode.

The fashionista is also America’s favorite crocheter and Lion Brand’s representative.

Quick Facts

Here are some key details about our gorgeous Vanna White.

Full Name Vanna Marie Rosich
Popular as Vanna White
Date of birth February 18, 1957
Place of birth Conway, South Carolina, USA
Residency Beverly Park Estates, Los Angeles
Age 67 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity Puerto Rican, German, Italian
Religion Christianity
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Horoscope Aquarius
Father Miguel Angel Rosich
Step-Father Herbert White Jr.
Mother Joan Marie
Siblings Chip White
Marital status Engaged
Fiancé John Donaldson
Ex-Husband George Santo Pietro
Children Niko Santo Pietro, Gigi Santo Pietro
Weight 53 kg
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Hair Color Light Blonde
Eye Color Light brown
Body Type Athletic
Body shape Hourglass
Education North Myrtle Beach high school
Profession Actor, Model, Television Presenter, Game Show Host
Inspiration Dolly Parton
Awards won Walk of Fame
Business Yarn
Social media Instagram, Twitter
Net worth $70 Million
Last Update May, 2024

Vanna White Net worth and Income

As of May, 2024 Vanna White’s net worth is $70 million.

The Wheel of Fortune is clearly the big moneymaker for the Tv icon.

She receives a yearly income of $10 million.

In detail, she receives $208,333 on each workday and $34,722 for each show.

Vanna White Net Worth in Different Currencies

The table below represents Vanna White’s net worth in different currencies, along with the cryptocurrency BitCoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 9115000.00
Pound Sterling £ 50,846,950.00
Australian Dollar A$ 93788520.00
Canadian Dollar C$ 87043250.00
Indian Rupee ₹ 5223260000.00
BitCoin ฿ 2107.28

She also generates revenue through endorsements, partnerships, and movies.

Vanna has her own yarn business named Vanna’s choice.

Furthermore, she also earns millions from her estates, which she usually leases out.

Her first marriage to a very prosperous real estate developer/restaurateur led to a rise in her net worth.

Vanna White House, Cars and Aircrafts

Like any other human being, especially a celebrity, White enjoys the finer things in life, such as houses and costly cars.

Having a net of $70 Million money won’t be an issue for her to achieve those luxuries.


Vanna seems to enjoy switching and swapping houses.

She owns multiple mansions. Let’s have a look at some of her estates.

Beverly Hills, CA

The iconic TV personality resides at Mulholland Estates, which is one of the luxurious mansions she owns.

Vanna whites luxurious mansion at Beverly Hills(Sources: Pinterest)

According to public records, she paid $3.4 million for the 7-bedroom, 9-bath, 8,988-square-foot mansion.

In October 2001, she bought it from actress Crystal Bernard.

The mansion has hit the market for a massive $38 million.

Sherman Oaks, California

The 2,994-square-foot home was originally purchased for $1.125 million in 2013 by White and John Donaldson.

Vanna whites Shermanoaks mansion in California(Source: Pinterest)

The couple spent a substantial amount of time, money, and effort renovating the then-outdated midcentury home.

They’re looking to rent it out for $20,000 per month right now.

Cars and Aircraft

Toyota Prius II

Vanna Whites is seen driving a Toyota Prius II.

Vanna Whites Car PirusII (source: Pinterest)

The L Eco FWD has a market price of $24,325, and the Limited FWD has a price of $32,500.

A5 Audi

She now drives a “modest” Audi A5, which costs approximately $70,000.

Tesla Model 3

The gorgeous lady is also the owner of the Tesla Model 3. This purchase shows that Vanna White is also a big fan of new technology.

Mercedes Benz

Vanna White is seen driving a Mercedes Benz. The cost of the car is a staggering $113,720.

Ford E350 Van

Vanna is also the proud owner of a Ford E350 van, which costs $45,000.


When it comes to planes, Vanna owns two jet lear 35 aircraft.

Vanna White Lifestyle and Vacations

An American TV personality and film actress, Vanna lives a pleasant and balanced lifestyle.

Despite being lively and outgoing on-screen, Vanna is a shy and homebody in real life.

The iconic lady enjoys making crocheted items, and She enjoys knitting in her spare time.

Furthermore, she is a fitness freak, which justifies her youthful appearance.

The personality of TV seems to be defying age every passing year.

She thanks “excellent personnel for hair and make-up” and keeping her figure trimmed.

Vanna has a massive following as she is a popular face in the global media and fashion world.

Her passion for real estate investment also makes her life more exciting since she loves switching homes.

She adores her children Nikko and Gigi and spends a lot of time with them.

Vanna White with her family (source: today.com)

Vanna and her boyfriend have been together for almost a year.

They’ve been dating for almost a decade and prefer to make their date nights as low-key as possible.

She has also been spotted on vacation with her beloved boyfriend and children.


Vanna White is a St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital patron, donating $1.8 million to the organization.

She wants to continue her philanthropic work even after leaving the television show.

Movies, Investments, Endorsements & Book Publications

Vanna White Movies

White made her debut appearance on a game show on The Price Is Right on June 20, 1980, when she was one of the initial four participants.

White acted in an unfinished film in 1980; the picture was later edited and released in June 1990 as Gypsy Angels.

She starred as Venus in the NBC television film Goddess of Love, with Betsy Palmer as Juno; it received a 12 percent audience vote on Rotten Tomatoes.

Vanna Whites Picture from her Movie Goddess Of Love (source:imdb.com)

White voiced Captain Planet and the Planeteers and the Canadian animated television show The Real Story of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

She has appeared in films such as Naked Gun 331: The Final Insult and Double Dragon.

Moreover, she is seen in tv shows like L.A. Law, Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Simon and Simon, The King of Queens, and Full House.


Aside from a hostess of The wheel of fortune, Vanna is an entrepreneur. Vanna White is also a real estate mogul who enjoys upgrading her property.

She puts her money into real estate, which she then leases after living there for a while. Likewise, she also invested heavily in her jets and aircraft.

Vanna owns a yarn business, which she enhances with her wealth.


In the global media, Vanna is the most popular face.

With her brand value, she endorses various brands and adds more riches to her pocket.

When White mentioned her passion for crochet yarn to Lion Brand Yarns, the firm contacted her and negotiated a contract.

She has her own yarn brand Vanna’s Choice, and she endorses crochet and knitting books that feature her name.


Vanna’s Choice yarn(source:lionbrand.com)

In her early days, she also posed for Playboy magazine to support her livelihood.

Vanna also participated in the Sun Fun Parade, a series of business modeling engagements and TV advertisements.

She worked for Atlanta Oldsmobile distributor Mitchell Motors.

The cheerful lady has been featured in several global magazines.

Over the years, Vanna has generated more than 10 million dollars from endorsements that contributed to her net worth.

Read more about Dana Perino here.


White was a participant in the Miss Georgia USA 1978 pageant before appearing on television in 1980.

White was chosen as one of three alternate hosts for “Wheel of Fortune” in October 1982.

She took over as the show’s regular hostess on December 13, 1982, and has remained ever since.

On the one episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” on May 24, 2013, White was awarded a Guinness World Record.

She holds the world record for “most frequent clapper“; she had clapped at least 3,480,864 times during the show’s 30 seasons.

White sued Samsung Electronics in 1993, alleging a breach of her personality rights.

Just Shoot Me,” “Married With Children,” “The King of Queens,” and “The A-Team” are among the television shows in which she has appeared.

Books Publications

Vanna White is a well-known author who has published several books.

Her biography Vanna speaks is the best seller.

The Most Popular Books by Vanna are Vanna Speaks, Vanna’s Afghans A to Z: 52 Crochet Favorites, Vanna’s Favorite Gift Afghans, and Vanna’s Favorite Crochet Gifts: Afghans, Home Decorations, Fashion & More.

3 Facts about Vanna White

  • Being late is her biggest pet peeve. She is always on time.
  • She seems to have a girls’ weekend every fall with high school friends she grew up with.
  • Although she is possibly the best fashion icon, White’s personal favorite wardrobe pieces are outdated T-shirts and loose pajama bottoms.


Is Vanna white leaving the show The Wheel of fortune?

White has announced her exit from ‘Wheel of Fortune‘ after 35 seasons.

Does Vanna White wear a dress she wore in The Wheel of fortune more than once?

She never wears the outfits twice; they are returned to the designer after taping the episodes. If she likes an outfit, she will buy that from the designers.

What happened to Vanna White’s fiance?

Vanna has spoken out about the death of her fiancé, revealing that the young actor, John Gibson deceased in a plane crash.



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