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Virginia Bocelli Wikipedia, Age: Is Andrea Bocelli Daughter Blind?

Since the time Virginia Bocelli made her stage debut at the 2020 live-stream Christmas concert with the song Hallelujah, audiences have been searching on the web for her details on Wikipedia, especially about her age and whether she is blind.

Virginia Bocelli is the daughter of legendary Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli and his current wife, Veronica Berti.

Following in the footsteps of her father, Virginia entered the music world at an early age.

She had been singing even before she started speaking, outlets report.

However, Virginia’s first appearance as a singer in public began in the year 2016 alongside her famous father.

Currently, she has an individual public image as an emerging singer.

Her Spotify account has 12,115 monthly listeners.

With all these individual achievements, people are seeking more information about Virginia Bocelli probing her Wikipedia page.

Virginia Bocelli Wikipedia: Age And Family Details 

After the video of Virginia Bocelli singing the song Hallelujah together with her father went viral, the internet surged on her intensified. 

Virginia Bocelli was born in Forte dei Marmi, Lucca, Italy, on March 21, 2012, and is currently 11 years old.

At the time of her birth, her father Andrea Bocelli was 54 while her mom Veronica Berti was only in her 30s.

Her parents were yet to tie the knot when they welcomed Virginia.

Virginia Bocelli is smiling for a camera holding a white bird
Virginia Bocelli was born out of wedlock. (Source: Instagram)

But having said that it doesn’t mean she was devoid of family environment in her initial days.

She was raised together by both her mom and dad, who later got married on her second birthday. 

Before her mother, Virginia’s patriarch Andrea was married to his first wife Enrica Cenzatti.

From her dad’s first marriage, she has two half-brothers Amos Bocelli, age 28, and Matteo Bocelli, age 26.

Even though the Bocelli siblings have a huge age gap, they share a close-knit relationship. 

Besides, Virginia is an Aries, and as for her nationality, she is Italian.

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Virginia’s Emerging Singing Career And Privilege She Got

Just at the age of 11, Virginia Bocelli has already set a certain height with her singing talent.

But it won’t be unjustified to say that her singing career is indelibly tied up with her father, Andrea Bocelli.

Since her early days, her dad has continuously assisted her with every skill she needed to become a singer.

So, you can say that she is a privileged child in the sense that she not only has a backup of her father but of her big brother Matteo as well.

Virginia Bocelli waving her hand together with her dad while performing on the stage
Her dad assists Virginia Bocelli in music. (Source: Instagram)

Speaking of her mainstream career graph, she for the first time, performed the song Hallelujah with her father in 2020 and soon became popular.

Virginia again sang the same song in the white house in front of US President Joe Biden and his better half.

Many people loved her singing clip in the White House, giving her exposure to further success.

She gained another milestone when she recorded an album A Family Christmas together with her dad and brother.

Apart from singing, Virginia is into modeling and gymnastics.

As per her Instagram account, she worked as a runaway model in Monnalisa’s Fall Show 2023.

Furthermore, she has won some medals in gymnastics including the junior regional championship and regional championship in Tuscany.

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Is Virginia Bocelli, Daughter Of Andrea Bocelli Blind?

Well, as far as we know, Andrea Bocelli’s daughter is not blind. She is completely fine with her eyesight.

Moreover, it is the other way around; Andrea is the one who is blind.

Virginia Bocelli standing next to her father
Virginia Bocelli is in the singing field following her father’s footsteps. (Source: Instagram)

Virginia’s musician father was born with congenital glaucoma resulting in him being visually impaired as a child.

Later, at the age of 12, he suffered a brain hemorrhage after he met an accident while playing football.

After that, the father of Virginia Bocelli, Andrea Bocelli turned completely blind.

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