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Wallasey Pub Shooting: Elle Edwards Parents And Family: Lucy’s Sister Was Shot To Death

Elle Edwards parents, who have been left “inconsolable and devastated,” called the late beautician a “special daughter” and “light of my life.”

The day which was supposed to be a day of celebration for the Edwards family, became the most devastating.

On Christmas Eve, December 24, 2022, a mass shooting occurred at the Wallasey bar. The Edwards family lost their beloved daughter and sister, Elle Edwards, in the cold-blooded shooting. 

In addition, three people sustained minor injuries. One in severe condition, fighting for life.

Tributes have been pouring for The Wallasey Pub Shooting victim, Elle. Her parents called her the “light of my life.”

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Wallasey Pub Shooting: Elle Edwards Parents Paid Their Tribute

Elle Edwards’ parents have paid moving tribute to their beloved daughter, who tragically died after being shot in an open shooting on Christmas Eve.

The 26-year-old beautician was reportedly not the target of the mass firing.

Elle’s dad, mom, and other family members have shared a heartfelt tribute to her. 

A heart-shaped plaque bearing a pink and green flower design reads, “Special Daughter, The happiness you brought in your own special way will be remembered with love each & every day.”

Another card from Edwards’ parents reads, “to my beautiful Elle, you are the light of my life; you will never be gone. Mum, Dad.”

Elle Edwards Parents
People believed to be Elle Edwards’ Father, Tim Edwards, and other family members. (Image Source: Daily Star)

The beautician’s sister, Lucy, wrote, “to my Elley May, I love you forever. You will always be by my side. Love! Lucy Lou.”

Serena Kennedy, the chief constable, swore that her officers would be hunting Elle Edwards’ killers “relentlessly.”

She addressed her killing as sickening and heart-breaking that ruined so many lives and culminated in the loss of a beautiful young woman.

The family was devastated and left inconsolable after the tragic death of Elle.

Detective Superintendent Sue Coombs said their specially trained family liaison officers supported Elle Edwards’ family as they struggled to come to terms with the devastating death.

Lucy’s Sister Was Shot To Death Just After She Left The Pub

Elle Edwards, her sister, Lucy, and two friends, Meg and Jess, went for a drink.

Lucy left the pub just before the fatal shooting. Jess disclosed to Sky News that when people initially heard a gun firing sound, they thought they had heard fireworks as it would be Christmas in about ten minutes.

According to Jess, everything stopped, and that’s when they had a hunch that something was terribly wrong. She felt numb and helpless when she saw her friend on the floor with other people trying to help Elle.

Edwards’ sisters, and her friends, Jess and Meg, returned to the crime scene to pay tribute to their sister and friend.

Elle Edwards Friends
Elle Edwards’ friends, Jess and Meg, were there when she was shot to death in the pub. (Image Source: Sky News)

Wallasey Pub Shooting: Two Suspects Arrested

On Monday, December 26, a 30-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman were arrested concerning the “cold-blooded Shooting” at a bar on Christmas Eve and the murder of 26-year-old Elle Edwards.

A 30-year-old man was reportedly taken into custody from Tranmere on Monday night on suspicion of murder and attempted murder.

Similarly, a 19-year-old Rock Ferry woman was arrested as a second suspect on suspicion of plotting a murder.

Detectives will question the two people who have been arrested. Police are requesting additional information, particularly from people who were at the bar when the incident occurred.

Finally, we wish the Wallasey Pub Shooting victim Elle Edwards’ family more strength to cope with the devastating loss of their beloved person.

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