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Wendy Williams Sister Wanda: Brother, Siblings, Family, & Parents

The Wendy Williams docuseries shed light on some of the exclusive aspects of the personality’s life, sparking curiosity among netizens about her family, especially her sister. Let’s explore the details further in this article!

Hailing from New Jersey, Wendy Williams Hunter is a former broadcaster, media personality, and writer.

She hosted the talk show The Wendy Williams Show, which aired from 2008 to 2021 and gained immense popularity.

Before joining television, Wendy was a radio DJ and host, quickly becoming known in New York as a shock jock.

Further, her other contributions include writing Wendy’s Got the Heat and several fiction books.

Her achievements don’t end there, as Wendy has performed on comedy tours and produced and designed her jewelry collection.

Due to her everlasting fame, people have always been curious about the family background of the media personality.

Meanwhile, her sister decided to come out of the shadows to recall a difficult period for Wendy Williams as she battled with dementia.

Wendy Williams Sister Wanda: Brother, Age & Sibling Details

Soon after Where Is Wendy Williams docuseries release, people seek information on her sister.

Fans were saddened to learn that the media personality had been battling with dementia for several years.

Further, the series revealed that Wendy Williams grew up with her older sister, Wanda, and a younger brother, Thomas.

Wendy Williams with her siblings
Wendy’s sister helped her with the divorce process. (Source: Twitter)

Wendy shares a five-year-age gap with her sister, while the same cannot be said for her younger brother.

After a race riot in 1970, her family moved to the white suburb wayside in Ocean Township.

Moreover, the siblings spent most of their childhood in the neighborhood, completing their formal education.

Unlike their celebrity sibling, Wanda and Thomas pursued a career away from the spotlight.

Additionally, the family expected greater things from Wanda as she was the family’s oldest daughter.

After leaving home, Wanda pursued a law degree and currently works as the executive director for Casa Valentina.

She fosters at-risk youths and provides affordable housing and life skills through her organization.

Wendy Williams laying on the floor
Wendy was honored with the Hollywood Walk of Fame star. (Source: Instagram)

During the dark days for Wendy Williams, her sister has been there for the media personality, showing her unwavering support.

On the other hand, Thomas works as a celebrity personal trainer, vlogger, and manager.

Over the years, he had public disputes with the media personality over the missed funeral for their mother.

Despite their shaky past, he has come around to be there for Wendy during her struggle with the disease.

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Wendy Williams Parents: Family Breaks Their Silence On Health Condition

Looking back, Wendy Williams was born to Shirley (nee Skinner) and Thomas Dwayne Williams.

Her parents were excellent scholars, holding three master’s degrees between them.

While Shirley was a special education teacher, Thomas served as the school principal and teacher.

Wendy Williams laughing with her parents
Wendy’s father has published several fiction books. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, the couple’s career background helped instill the value of quality education and performance in the Williams children.

As the years passed by, the family moved homes due to the racial unrest in parts of the town.

However, after having a successful life, Wendy’s mother passed away peacefully in her home in December 2020.

Meanwhile, her father celebrated his 91st birthday with his children and grandchildren nearby.

Now, Wendy battles a severe condition that is the result of a stage accident in her reality show.

During one of the shootings, she lost her balance, landed on her feet, and later began having flu-like symptoms.

Wendy wearing a white coat
Wendy dedicated more than 30 years to the industry. (Source: Instagram)

Over the years, Wendy maintained a distance from the cameras without revealing much about her condition

In shocking news, she revealed that she had had dementia and progressive aphasia.

Moreover, her family revealed that the media personality had been receiving treatment in a facility for cognitive issues.

Per the treatment’s rule, Wendy has maintained minimal contact with her family and closest friends.

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