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Is Wilmer Valderrama A Scientologist? His Religious Belief

Despite being a controversial topic, Scientology has a huge following, including many celebrities, and now people are interested to know if Wilmer Valderrama is a Scientologist.

Born on January 30, 1980, Wilmer Eduardo Valderrama is an American actor, producer, and television personality.

Wilmer, who comes from a Venezuelan and Colombian background, was raised in Miami, Florida.

He made his debut through a Spanish commercial and later got cast on the Disney channel.

Further, Wilmer is popular for playing the role of Fez in the sitcom That 70s Show.

In addition to the sitcom, he has worked in Party Monster, Beauty Shop, Fast Food Nation, Larry Crowne, and The Adderall Diaries.

Currently, Wilmer works for a voting rights organization and is the co-founder of a non-profit organization.

Recently, most of the That 70s Show cast were revealed to be followers of Scientology, and netizens are curious to know whether Wilmer is one of them.

Is Wilmer Valderrama A Scientologist?

During the eight-year run of the popular sitcom, Wilmer Valderrama worked closely with Danny Masterson.

The court recently sentenced Danny, a member of the Church of Scientology, to 30 years in prison for rape.

Further, after Danny’s sentencing, it came to light that other stars from the sitcom also followed and practiced Scientology.

Clarity regarding Wilmer’s belief in Scientology arose when he attended the Church of Scientology event in 2003.

Scientology event attended by Wilmer along with other cast of popular sitcom
Wilmer in left during Scientology Event (Source: Twitter)

The Church of Scientology undercovered fundraisers as fun annual Christmas parties and events.

What’s more, it did not just happen once, as the actor attended many of the church events in the following years.

Although Wilmer Valderrama has not officially claimed to be a Scientologist, his presence in such events is enough evidence.

Recently, former Scientologist Chrissie Bixler posted a photo of Wilmer along with Danny and others onstage at a Christmas celebration at the Scientology Center.

Much like his co-stars, Wilmer had fallen prey to the teaching of the church.

The Church of Scientology practices and administers a twenty-first-century religion.

As a member of such a group, imprisoned actor Danny allegedly had the task of bringing others into the religion.

Danny has studied Scientology since childhood and has had a long history with the church.

Moreover, Wilmer has a close friendship with Danny, which could be the cause for his interest in religion.

Wilmer Valderrama’s Religious Beliefs

Even though people say Wilmer follows Christianity, his past involvement with Scientology goes against this.

The Church of Scientology claims that one cannot be both a Christian and a Scientologist.

Further, Wilmer was among many celebrities who attended the church’s fundraiser programs.

However, Wilmer has kept his present relationship with the church a secret.

Wilmer shares snippets of his show through instagram
Wilmer looks perfect in his show NCIS (Source: Instagram)

Many speculate that many celebrities practice the religion in secrecy, and Wilmer could be one of them.

Moreover, cases of Scientology surfaced after the court found out that the church helped Danny cover up his crime.

Many of the Scientologists also wrote letters to the court appealing Danny’s innocence. However, Wilmer was not one of them.

In addition, Wilmer made recent headlines after fans found out he dated Demi Lovato while she was underage.

Apart from Demi, he has dated multiple teenagers while being in his 30s.

Even his wife, Amanda Pacheco, is 11 years younger than Wilmer, and they met when she was in her 20s.

Similarly, Wilmer is receiving mixed reactions from the fans after his recent interview with Howard Stern.

People have described the interview as gross as Wilmer goes to length to describe his past relationships.

Fans remain in awe as new sides of That 70s Show cast keep revealing every other day on the internet.

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