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No, Aidan Scott Gay Rumor Is Not True: Meet His Girlfriend Robynlo

There have been Aidan Scott gay rumors going around, which has gotten a lot of attention lately. But is that the case? Find out the truth further down in the article.

Aidan Scott was born on November 20, 1996, in Cape Town. He entered the acting world by pursuing Theatre and Performance at the University of Cape Town in 2016.

During his third year of studies, he scored his first big break in the play ‘The Mousetrap,’ which went on a tour across South Africa and New Zealand in 2019.

In 2022, he stepped into the shoes of Theodore Roosevelt for the History Channel’s TV mini-series ‘Roosevelt’. The same year, he also portrayed James Matheny in the History’s mini-series ‘Abraham Lincoln.’

Apart from that, he has also played in the award-winning movie ‘The Kissing Booth 2.’ Additionally, he is one of the stars in the upcoming sci-fi movie ‘The Fix.’

One of the recent features of Aidan Scott, which has gained him a lot of fame, would be his role in the Netflix series ‘One Piece.‘ He played the character Helmeppo in the series.

As many celebrities and actors have openly come out as gay and part of the LGBTQ community, people have also begun spreading Aidan Scott being gay, thinking he might be in the same category.

No, Aidan Scott Gay Rumor Is Not True!

It’s unsure how the rumors of Aidan Scott being gay exactly started. Perhaps the type of poses he does in some of his pictures started this rumor, but the origin remains unconfirmed.

However, the rumor appears not to be true.

If you go to his Instagram account, the recent pictures are almost full of pictures of him and his girlfriend, Robynlo.

Aidan Scott and his current girlfriend Robynlo
Aidan Scott wishing happy birthday to his current girlfriend Robynlo (Source: Instagram)

So, judging by so many pictures of them being lovey-dovey with each other, it’s fair to assume that he is not gay and is, in fact, a straight guy.

Additionally, he hasn’t admitted to being gay or anything related to that. So, it further confirms that his sexuality is not gay.

So, the rumor of Aidan Scott being gay is not true, which was similar to his co-star Taz Skylar’s gay rumor.

But, in a bizarre twist of events, there could also be the revelation that Aidan swings both ways, identifying himself as bisexual. But that’s very unlikely and won’t happen, considering his current and past relationships.

Who Is Aidan Scott’s Girlfriend? Past Relationships

Aidan Scott introduced his current girlfriend to the followers on July 30, 2021, showing Robynlo picking oranges from a tree.

So, that might have been the start of the relationship since the following post was about them being very close to each other.

Robyno celebrates her birthday every May 19.

Similarly, Robynlo has posted various pictures showing her love for her boyfriend, Aidan Scott.

They celebrated their anniversary on February 28, 2022, with Robynlo posting a picture captioned “a year of overflowing love.”

Aidan Scott and Alexia Gouws
Aidan Scott looking at Alexia Gouws (Source: Instagram)

But it seems like Robynlo isn’t the only girlfriend that Aidan has had.

On April 28, 2019, Aidan shared a picture with a girl named Alexia with the caption ‘Me and my Shongololo.‘ This indicated that they might have been in a relationship.

However, Alexia never appeared in his other posts, so this remains unconfirmed.

It could be that they didn’t want to post any more pictures of them together, or they could be just a one-time thing. The picture looks intimate, for it not to be the case.

As for Alexia, her full name is Alexia Gouws, and she is an actress graduating in film and theatre performance.

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