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Is Live Action Sanji Taz Skylar Gay? Gender And Sexuality

‘Sanji’ aka Taz Skylar from ‘One Piece‘ is making the headlines with his amazing performance and breathtaking martial arts skills. ‘Taz Skylar Gay’ rumors have been circulating online as he is gaining immense popularity.

Born on 1995 December 5, Tarek Yassin Skylar, famously known as Taz Skylar, is an English-Spanish actor and screenwriter.

He first appeared as an actor in the short films ‘Venom’ and ‘Beautiful’ after which he decided to take the directorial route in 2018 with the short film ‘Multi-facial.’

But, Taz did not stop acting in 2019 as he made his feature film debut in the movie ‘The Kill Team,’ where he portrayed Sergeant Dawes.

He further explored his acting talents and appeared in movies and series like ‘Villain,’ ‘Agatha Raisin,’ and ‘The Deal.’

Nevertheless, his breakthrough came in 2021 when he was cast as Sanji in the Netflix series ‘One Piece.’

Is Live Action Sanji Taz Skylar Gay? The Rising Rumor

The internet is getting frenzy with fans searching if the live-action Sanji, Taz Skylar gay rumor is true or not.

As the actor has not addressed the rumor yet, fans are left bamboozled with the actor’s sexuality.

Right after the success of ‘One Piece Live Action,’ the rumor spread like wildfire as soon as the show was released worldwide.

taz skylar surfing
Fans could not help but wonder if the actor who played Sanji, the cook of Strawhat Pirates, Taz, is gay. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, the actor Taz Skylar does not appear to be gay from what one might call the looks of it.

Furthermore, fans and dear viewers of ‘One Piece Live Action’ must respect the topic’s sensitivity.

Similar to his sexual orientation, Skylar has kept his romantic relationships private.

Moreover, there is a very bare minimum of information available to the public that could make the gay rumor more rational.

Although he had worked in many films and TV shows before, his latest work as Sanji brought him into the central spotlight.

Taz Skylar Martial arts
Taz Skylar with his martial arts guru as he practices for the role of Sanji. (Source: Instagram)

Thus, aside from growing fame and an entertainment career, Skylar is gathering rumors like any other celebrity.

Besides the baseless, ongoing gay rumor, Taz Skylar is also collecting a lot of praise and admiration for his work.

Many ‘One Piece‘ anime fans say he did justice to the character ‘Black Leg’ Sanji of the Straw Hat pirate crew.

Nonetheless, the Taz Skylar gay rumor does not seem to settle down quickly in the near future until the actor addresses it himself.

Gender And Sexuality Of Taz Skylar

Many old ‘One Piece‘ fans also speculated that even Sanji could’ve been a gay character.

There is a whole article written about the character Sanji’s sexuality. It mentions that Sanji has shown attraction to both women and men throughout the series.

In the series, Sanji appears to adore girls and have crushes on them.

But after one of the ‘One Piece’ canon arcs, some fans believe he became an Okama based on his behavioral change.

Here, Okama is a term that suggests gay men in Japanese culture who are effeminate or cross-dresses.

Taz Skylar as Sanji
Taz Skylar looks amazing as Sanji. (Source: Instagram)

This fueled the Taz Skyler Gay rumor even more, leading fans to believe that Taz might be queer.

However, Taz has said nothing about this subject and remains silent about the Taz Skylar gay rumors.

The fans are happy that Taz plays the character, regardless of whether Taz Skylar is gay.

Therefore, until and unless Skylar himself feels like stating his sexual orientation, we should not jump to any conclusion based on sheer rumors and speculations.

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