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Who Is Nick Drake, Alex Thomopoulos Partner? Marriage And Family

Alex Thomopoulos is popular for amazing recipes, and people love catching up with her way beyond that. Her CMO boyfriend is no less. Let’s explore deep into the life of Nick Drake, Alex Thomopoulos partner.

A very famous TV personality, Alex Thomopoulos, is famous for her extraordinary cooking skills.

She is currently on a PBS series, Moveable Feast with Relis, with another famous Australian celebrity, Curtis Stone.

However, her passion for cooking is not limited to TV, and she shares various food blogs on her website, AlexTCooks.

Not only that, Alex also appears on The Original HUNGRY’s YouTube channel.

Like Alex Thomopoulos, her partner Nick Drake is also a very famous personality, which is why many often wonder how their love story began.

Alex Thomopoulos partner Nick Drake: The Marketing Maestro Behind Google’s Global Success

Nick Drake is the Vice President of Global Marketing at Google, one of the world’s most famous companies.

He plays the role of handling and overseeing Google’s global marketing campaigns.

Alex and Nick Drake
Alex and Nick look so lovely together, like a heavenly match. (Source: Instagram)

However, Google is not the first big company he has worked for, and he was previously the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the famous T-Mobile.

He was also the Executive Vice President of the company and was among the company’s top leadership team.

Nick’s extraordinary career evolves from his exceptional educational background.

He attended the prestigious Harvard Business School, where he did the Advance Management Program.

Not only that, Nick also has experience in mobile marketing from Northeastern University.

Alex Thomopoulos Partner
Alex looks like she is happy to receive the proposal from Nick with such a beautiful ring. (Source: Instagram)

Nick is also a board member of famous companies like Hudi and Group 11.

His excellent work in the world of marketing is well recognized and praised.

Forbes featured him in their magazine as one of the “World’s Most Influential CMOs” in 2019.

There are plenty of companies in the market that want to work with Nick.

It is because of his amazing career graph and what he has done for the companies he has worked for.

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Nick and Alex: A Love Story Written in the Stars, Leading to a Surprising Engagement

Nick is not only good at marketing but at love, too, as his girlfriend, Alex, is a big fan of his romantic ways.

Alex says that it was Nick who made her believe in true love and made herself fall in love with her.

She often shares her love for Nick through her emotional Instagram captions.

Nick and Alex plan to turn their relationship off by marrying each other.

Alex confirmed their engagement with a lovely picture captured by Theo and Juliet photography.

Nicl Drake and Alex
It will be absolutely amazing for both fans when they finally tie the knot and make it official. (Source: Instagram)

She wrote that she was happy when he kneeled to propose to her.

It is always beautiful when two people show their love for each other.

Nick is also very vocal about how much of a big impact Alex has had in his life since he met her.

The couple can’t wait to tie the knot together in the coming year.

Their engagement reveal shocked Alex’s family and friends as she was the type of person everyone thought would never get married.

Now, with the confirmation of their engagement, everyone in their family and fans could not be more happy.

Nick looks like he does everything possible to make her partner, Alex Thomopoulos, happy.

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